At 17.15 p.m., the publisher BFF Games started crowdfunding for Hidden Leaders. About an hour and a half later, the matter was already over - at least in terms of reaching the minimum goal that the Viennese trio set at 12.000 euros. Almost 800 supporters pushed the start of the campaign - and it was extremely successful. 

Replenishment for fans of deduction games is rare, so the crowdfunding campaign from BFF Games seemed to come at just the right time. The project started at 17.15 p.m., around an hour and a half later, the targeted financing target of 12.000 euros has long been exceeded.

Hidden Leaders: Around 2.500 fans watched the campaign

BFF Games got off to a successful start in crowdfunding with the debut title this time. Around 2.500 fans had the prelaunch page on Kickstarter under observation, almost 800 of them struck in the first two hours - and the trend is steeply rising.

Bis The financing phase for the deduction game is now running on May 14th with the secret goals. The concept is initially classic: players draw their role cards, but keep them hidden from the others. The trick is in the victory mechanism: Players can only win with two of the four factions. So this means: If two or more roles support the same faction, the winner is whoever has more characters on this side in front of him in the display. Secrets, namely hidden characters, can tip the scales.

The setup of hidden leaders. Photo: Markus Müller

The setup of hidden leaders. Photo: Markus Müller

The entry is moderate at 20 euros: there is the card game with stretch goals alone. The funny, weird illustrations on the cards are also striking - the game principle remains special and is primarily aimed at genre fans. Nevertheless, Hidden Leaders brings a breath of fresh air into the deduction area, which has so far often been classically processed. Exceptions such as Human Punishment: The Beginning The fans therefore perceive them as welcome innovations.

If the campaign ends successfully, BFF Games wants to send the game on its way to the "backers" in January 2022. The title is to be published in eleven languages, and there will also be a German version. If you want to try the game, you can try Tabletopia, among other things.

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