Secret Identity is the last board game novelty to be released by Strohmann Games 2022 will appear. The title recently won the Best Party Game award at the UK Games Expo. For Strohmann Games it is the first party game in the range.

One looks in vain for a separate category for party games in the German game of the year. At the UK Games Expo, there are. This year's award winner will be the last novelty at Strohmann Games in 2022 according to the current status. The title already reveals what it is about: secret identities. Players must simultaneously provide clever clues about their own identity and guess the identities of everyone else.

Secret Identity: guess and let guess

At the start of a game, eight of the included 150 double-sided character cards are placed in the center. All receive a key that assigns them one of the character cards. There are also 10 hand cards. Pictograms can be seen on these.

In each round, each of the players plays up to three of the pictogram cards and puts them in the corresponding positions of their own "safe". This is the privacy screen. The cards can be assigned to either red or green. For example, with red, the symbol has nothing to do with the character, he lacks it or he doesn't like it. If green, it may suit the character, describe items they wear or things they like. In general, both sides can be freely interpreted. You should only help the others to guess your own character. Once all the cards have been placed, the voting phase begins.

Who is who?

One after the other, each person is voted on individually. To do this, everyone secretly places the key with the corresponding number of the character they believe belongs to the person. Once everyone has been voted on, it goes to the scoring phase. There is one point for each player who guessed their own character correctly and one point for each character that you correctly assigned.
Then all used pictogram cards and the eight character cards of this round are discarded. Eight new characters are laid out and each one is assigned a new one. This is now to be described with the remaining 10 pictogram cards. These cards are not drawn. After the fourth round, the game ends and the person with the most points wins. In addition to the competitive version, there is also a cooperative version.

Secret Identity is a game for 3-8 players aged 10+. The playing time is between 20 and 40 minutes. The game is scheduled to be available from Strohmann Games in Q2022 XNUMX.

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