Over 38.000 comments on Boardgamegeeks show how popular the space strategy game Race for the Galaxy by Pegasus Spiele was in its first edition. The multiple award-winning game has now been published in a second edition. Against a classic science fiction background, it's about building a space empire. Settling, producing and consuming make Race for the Galaxy a kind of 3X game that particularly appeals to frequent gamers. 

Jump n' race in space

The first edition of the strategy game Race for the Galaxy enjoyed great popularity. The fact that Pegasus Spiele is now releasing a second edition should hardly come as a surprise in view of the innumerable positive reviews of the space game.

The second edition of Race for the Galaxy accessible. The RRP is 29,95 euros. 

Second edition of Race for the Galaxy available at Pegasus Spiele

The popular space strategy game by Tom Lehmann appeals to fans of Euro games as well as fans of card-driven Push-Your-Luck mechanics. Two to four players, ages 12 and up, settle and produce in a classic sci-fi setting. Pegasus Spiele has not changed any of the basic rules. Fans of the first edition and space pioneers are looking forward to new starting worlds. Particularly nice: the second edition of Race for the Galaxy contains help for people with color blindness. 

The beginner-friendly card game is also available jump drive, also by Tom Lehmann. jump drive is suitable both as a stand-alone card game and as a warm-up for the big brother Race for the Galaxy.

In the second edition, the cards have been revised, whereby nothing has been changed in the established rules. Frequent gamers can look forward to some new starting worlds. It is also gratifying that it includes help for color blind people.
In the instructions, four pages are reserved for the explanation of all card capabilities according to phases - extremely user-friendly for reference if you have any questions at the end of the instructions.
In addition, this month Pegasus Spiele released Jump Drive, the little brother of Race for the Galaxy. It is a card game in which the rules and processes are considerably simpler and therefore easier to start with. Everything is reminiscent of the "big brother" - which is no wonder, since Tom Lehmann is the author here too. The iconography is also the same. The quick access to the game is already evident from the fact that the appendix with the explanation of the cards is only one page here. Jump Drive is suitable both as a get-to-know game for Race for the Galaxy, but also convinces as a standalone fast card game.

Press release from Pegasus Games

Both board games are now available in the Pegasus Shop or at selected retailers. 

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