The record holder is back in the Spieleschmiede: After the revised new edition of Martin Wallace's coal was sold out early, Brass: Lancashire is now to get a second edition. The funding period for the crowdfunding campaign has started - the time remains until October 5th.

Brass: Lancashire is an economic strategy game for two to four people aged twelve and over. With depth and replayability, it tells the story of aspiring businesspeople in Lancashire, England, during the Industrial Revolution. In the course of the game, they expand their empires by building canals and railways as well as building and developing various industrial plants. These include cotton mills, coal mines and ironworks, but also shipyards and ports

Top marks for economic strategy

Happyshops would like to collect the round sum of 6.000 euros under the Giant Roc brand for the strategic board game. The chances are very good that this will succeed: Almost two years ago, the double project consisting of the revised original game Lancashire and the reinterpretation Birmingham broke all records in the game forge. Since then, both parts have been at the top of many leaderboards, such as the one on BoardGameGeek. There, fans with their mood for quality ensured an average rating of 8.2 points. The game lands in the top 20 on BGG.

With a double pack of brass: Lancashire & Birmingham, Roxley Games raised around one and a half million euros from crowfunding fans in 2017 as part of a Kickstarter campaign: almost 14.000 supporters took part at the time.

"If you do not own Lancashire yet and would like to change that, you should support the current project until October 5th, 2021 and get your own copy right away," calls the Spieleschmiede. the Campaign is already running; the first supporters have already invested the necessary amount of 55 euros. The second edition of Brass: Lancashire should appear in April 2022 if the campaign is successful.


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