On March 29, 2023, The Cycle: Frontier by the Berlin development studio YAGER will start its third season - with some significant innovations. 

! In addition to interesting innovations, for which YAGER will reveal details in the coming weeks, the update for the start of the season will also provide a significant change for all players of the extraction shooter at the start of the future seasons: the regular wipe at the start of the season , which will retain vanity items and Aurum but remove all other items and progression, will be the last server-wide reset in The Cycle: Frontier history.

Opportunity for newcomers

The start of Season 3 is therefore the perfect opportunity for new players or prospectors who want to continue their adventures on Fortuna III. In addition to the economy reset, new balancing and updated campaigns, daredevils can look forward to many new gameplay features and content that will support the storyline from Season 3 onwards.

Although there will be no more mandatory wipes after the start of Season 3 on March 29th, 2023, YAGER is currently evaluating the possibility of allowing players voluntary character resets and corresponding rewards.

It is already known that Season 3 of the extraction shooter will bring some long-awaited improvements to the game. This includes, among other things, loadout presets that players use to select their optimal equipment for the drop on Fortuna III. Another innovation concerns the campaigns, in which players are provided with the equipment of their factions, which remains in their possession in the event of a successful evacuation.

There will also be a big change in the Prospect Station: The refuge in the midst of the hostile environment will become even more lively and immersive with Season 3. But not only the station welcomes new residents, Fortuna III also gets a fearsome enemy for new challenges in PVE: the Howler.

Further details on the content of the new season, as well as shown in the new roadmap, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Matt Lightfoot, Lead Producer of The Cycle: Frontier, discusses this topic, among others, in the new Dev Update.

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