As Asmodee Digital announced, the Scythe: Digital Edition, the digital adaptation of the Scythe board game by Stonemaier Games, is now also available as a mobile game for iOS and Android. The game can be downloaded from the respective app stores and costs 8.99 euros in both versions.

The Scythe phenomenon has reached the next level: The strategic board game with the unusual setting penned by Jakub Rozalski can no longer only be played on the table or digitally on the big screen, but from now on also on the go on the smartphone or tablet. After the Scythe: Digital Edition was published last spring - the Well liked adaptation - Asmodee Digital has now added a mobile version.

Scythe: Alternative War Reality

As a board game, Scythe has already been around for a number of years: In 2016 the title was published by Stonemaier Games, and later in a localized version by Feuerland Spiele in Germany. For author Jamey Stegmaier, Scythe has become a successful product, with considerable paragraph.

Originally, Scythe was financed via crowdfunding via Kickstarter: At that time, over 17.000 supporters invested around 1,8 million US dollars. From then on, the board game with the unusual setting - the setting is an Eastern Europe in the 1920s in an alternative reality - began its triumphant advance.

Conquest plays a major role at Scythe. Image rights: Asmodee Digital

Conquest plays a major role at Scythe. Image rights: Asmodee Digital

After a digital adaptation by Asmodee Digital around two and a half years ago, further digital versions of the top seller are now following with the two mobile versions for iOS and Android. The developers of Knights of Unity are responsible for the mobile game, which Scythe not only implemented, but also received in terms of style and gameplay. Scythe works across platforms, so players from different platforms can compete together or against each other.

The gameplay remains untouched. Players take turns and carry out different combinations of actions, from resource planning to combat operations. The game ends as soon as one of the players was able to place a sixth star for fulfilling game objectives. The real highlight are the countless tactical approaches that make Scythe a varied board game and now a mobile game with long-term entertainment value.

Scythe for iOS and Android is now available in the app stores and costs 8.99 euros each.

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Tierra del Fuego Games 10 - Scythe Tierra del Fuego Games 10 - Scythe * 64,99 EUR


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