From September 1st and then until the end of the year, Amigo will be running a prize campaign to mark the game publisher's 40th anniversary. Under the motto 'Thank you', Amigo already ran a number of campaigns and competitions this year.

The publisher thanks cooperation partners, suppliers, dealers, producers and of course the players with various campaigns. Because to run a successful publishing house you need a lot of cooperation and a wide variety of partners. For the campaign starting in September, thanks go to the game retailer, who made many Amigo products available to us.

You can win small instant prizes such as amigo taster games, cups and gym bags, of course, in the design of the most famous games. But there are also two cool main prizes: an e-scooter, called Vässla 2, or a Babboe cargo bike. In order to participate, you have to buy at least 10 euros from specialist retailers, but you are not bound to Amigo games. Scratch tickets decide whether to win or lose money.

According to its own statement, the publisher would like to promote the toy trade, which has always been an important partner of Amigo. Especially recently, some shops have had to struggle with the Corona crisis, including game stores. The campaign should help to stimulate sales again.

The AMIGO publishing house

The publisher's best-known games are probably 6nnahm !, Wizard and Bohnanza. Jansen and Voigt are the names that originally stand behind AMIGO and founded the publishing house in 1980. The first game back then was Zac, a card game. And many games were to follow. The publisher has also remained true to the card game concept.


Bohnanza, growing beans, harvesting money. Image rights: AMIGO

The breakthrough came with the distribution of the American game UNO and Rubik's Snake. The publishing house has also become and has remained known through Halli Galli, formerly Tutti Frutti. In 1993 the publisher changed hands, but the proximity to card games remained. Well-known trading card games also became known in Germany through AMIGO.

For 40 years the AMIGO Verlag has been selling games that will probably still be played in 40 years. In September, to match the competition, 6 new games from AMIGO will also appear. magnet fix,  Polar panic, excali bean, Monster expedition, Rage  and LAMA party edition, are the names of the new games.

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