In the new issue of Scotland Yard, probably the most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his team hunt down the mysterious criminal Professor James Moriarty. The classic appears in a new look. The chase leads through Victorian London around 1895 by horse-drawn tram, carriage and underground.

The players are spoiled for choice: either go hunting for criminals according to the original rules - or additionally with the "Sherlock Holmes" special rules. With the latter, the detectives have special abilities to corner Moriarty. But beware: He is planning more crimes and is smarter than ever before with new escape options.

Manhunt for “Mr. m”

Mr. Holmes and the others are already waiting. The door of 221b Baker Street is closing - the hunt for Moriarty begins! If the players choose the Sherlock Holmes variant at the beginning, each character from the well-known stories will receive special abilities in addition to the regular tickets:

Sherlock Holmes, for example, can trigger a massive manhunt. Moriarty is then forced to reveal which of the four boroughs he is in. With Irene Adler's ability, Moriarty can't use either the Horse Tram or the Underground - i.e. only the simple carriage - in the next turn. Sherlock's brother Mycroft goes in search of clues and is allowed to ask Moriarty where he was two trains ago.

Inspector Lestrade is responsible for roadblocks. Moriarty will then no longer be able to move to the locked station throughout the game. and dr Watson invites you to be interrogated and can at least narrow down the whereabouts to parks, sights or the river.

Without good agreements, the investigators will have a hard time, because: Only one of them can use his ability per round, and only twice in the entire game.

Moriarty also has special abilities, but he has to be in one of his secret hiding places to do so. These are marked by a black cylinder next to the station. Here he can remain hidden, although he should actually show himself to his pursuers. In addition, after his move to a secret hiding place, he may replenish his ticket supply - with a valuable black or double ticket.

In addition, he can try to escape in a hot air balloon. However, his spectacular escape does not go unnoticed. Moriarty draws two starting cards, each with a station on them, shows them to his opponents and has to choose a starting card to land. If by chance there are detectives or the helping bobbys on both stations, Moriarty's game is over.

In the Sherlock Holmes version, however, Moriarty can also end the cat and mouse game prematurely. At the beginning he receives three crime scene cards, each showing nine stations. These are either on the river, park or at a tourist attraction. There he can commit his crimes. If Moriarty manages to reach a station from each map during the course of the game, the game is over immediately and Moriarty is the laughing winner.


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