The science fiction horror game Hidden Deep by Daedalic Entertainment and the one-man studio Cogwheel Software has entered Early Access via Steam. Reminiscent of '80s and '90s horror classics like Alien, the deep-sea cave thriller sends an exploration team into a claustrophobic, abandoned research facility. The only question that remains is: what happened to the crew?

Fans of '80s horror classics rejoice as Hidden Deep, a sci-fi thriller developed by one-man studio Cogwheel Software, enters Early Access on Steam and sends an exploration team into a claustrophobic research facility where only nameless horrors live waiting to be discovered.

Armed with all sorts of gadgets, players must explore dark, desolate chasms, either alone or in teams in special co-op missions. Hidden Deep will regularly receive new content and improvements during the Early Access period.

Horror game is already on many wish lists

The Early Access launch follows the successful beta in December 2021, which was attended by more than 50.000 Steam users. The wish list of the eagerly awaited title is already approaching 200.000 entries; the game also has an active Discord community with over 10.000 members, as well as a channel on TikTok.

In Hidden Deep, players will investigate a sprawling sub-sea research and mining station overrun by alien creatures in a 2D world filled with action, mystery, danger and death. You have to control your team members, find out what's going on in the abandoned corridors and caves and unravel the mystery of the dark sci-fi horror story inspired by classics of the genre from the 80's.

  • A gripping, gritty sci-fi story inspired by classic 80's movies like Aliens, The Thing, Virus and The Blob.
  • A whole arsenal of tools, from grappling hooks and scanners to drones, weapons and heavy machinery.
  • Over 20 hours of story mode playtime (to be completed during Early Access).
  • Challenge mode for even deeper adventures.
  • Local co-op and remote play co-op already available (Online co-op will be introduced during Early Access).

In order to explore the depths and locate the missing explorers, the rescue team has a number of tools at their disposal: the actions of team members need to be coordinated and the use of the grappling hook must be mastered in order not to fall to your death or smash your own head in. The gigantic cave systems can be scanned with the help of drones, heavy machines allow the exploration of new areas of the research station and new caves can be opened up with the help of explosives. It's up to players to either fight through at gunpoint or sneak past dangerous traps and alien breeding grounds. You should be willing to face death. And often.

Players don't have to spend all their time alone in the depths though: certain missions can be tackled together with a friend in Challenge Mode, either in local multiplayer or via Steam Remote Play. Online co-op will be added to the game throughout Early Access.

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