There are board games that present the players with tons of game material. And then there are games like “Schweinerei”, which stand out because they consistently do without unnecessary bells and whistles in order to convey an unmistakable message to the players: The only thing that counts here is the fun factor!


In the case of “mess”, it would be stupid to reduce the game only to the contents of the packaging. It consists of exactly 2 rubber pigs, 2 pencils, a point block and the game instructions - all packed in a space-saving travel box. With this equipment it becomes clear why “Schweinerei” is perfect as a travel or take away game.

In "Schweinerei" pigs learn to fly. But what really counts in the end is the landing of the pigs and their battle position on the board game table, which decides whether and how many points the player who rolled the dice could score. In order to avoid misunderstandings and gaps in the rules from the outset, the game instructions recommend promoting a player to the swineherd, who from then on notes the points and, if the pig positions are unclear, determines the number of points achieved.

The rules of Schweinerei fit on a single page of the compact set of instructions. First of all, the players' group should choose a swineherd. You are free to choose the criteria for choosing the ideal swineherd: whether you choose looks, intelligence, hunger for power, professionalism in dealing with pigs or voluntary work as selection criteria - you can be sure that the swineherd will bear his title with pride . He is the one who eliminates rule ambiguities immediately and competently, if necessary also through imaginative rule creations.

In the case of “mess”, the winner is whoever was able to book 100 points on his account first. The gameplay is as simple as it could be. The starting player begins to roll the dice and collects points, the amount of which depends on the positions of the pigs. The highlight: The active player can throw the dice as often as he wants in order to get closer to the point goal. However, if the two pigs fall into an unfavorable position for him, the points are gone or he is immediately thrown out of the game. 

Mission impossible? Nothing is impossible!

Before the game starts, some pig positions seem completely impossible. This assumption turns out to be a huge mistake while gaming. The pig pile shown on the left occurs more often than players on the hunt for points would like, only the mess we haven't been able to roll the dice so far. The wackier the positions of the rubber pigs, the more points you get. Combinations lead to small point bonuses. Despite the simple game idea, there is a lot of mood in “Schweinerei” when the pink main characters suddenly come together in an unexpected line-up. 

“Schweinerei” is the perfect souvenir game. Whether on the train journey, on the plane, at the next birthday party or for business people in the breaks between two meetings: mess is great fun and offers entertaining entertainment. The simple and illustrated set of rules also makes linguistic communication superfluous, so that "mess”Is one of the dice games that connect cultures. And thanks to the transparency of the rules, children can also have quick, uncomplicated fun with this game from Winning Moves. The next children's birthday will definitely not be boring.

Some possible pig positions are shown in the game instructions and on the back of the game packaging, but not all. You name unknown, new positions yourself and then award a number of points for the single pig and the pink double. There are no limits to your fantasies: Does the distance play a role? Do you divide the gaming table into sectors? Do you roll both pigs at the same time or one after the other? Be creative and improve your “mess” gaming experience by inventing your own rules! The silver bullet: Those who are brave enough take on the mighty swineherd and haggle for points.

I can warmly recommend the dice fun “Schweinerei” from Winning Moves. This game is just as fun as an adult as it is a kid. And that fun is the only thing that counts, you will notice from the first throw of the pig's dice. For around € 9 you get maximum gaming fun for a minimum of stake. Have fun!


Number of players: 2 to 5 players
Age: from 8 years
Playing time: 15+ minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: low

Publisher: Winning Moves  
Year of publication: 2006 
Language: German
Cost: 10 Euro


To put it in a nutshell: Winning Moves' mess is extremely simple and very good!