Schmidt Spiele is launching several new board games in spring 2022. The line-up is known just in time for the toy fair in Nuremberg: the traditional Berlin publisher is particularly appealing to family gamers with its portfolio; Children can look forward to two age-appropriate implementations of well-known game brands. 

At the beginning of February the Toy Fair 2022 instead. Among other things, publishers present their new products for spring. Schmidt Spiele regularly launches a puzzle offensive, but this time the new releases also include well-known brands that have been adapted to suit children: There are offshoots of Ganz schön Clever as "Also already clever" and the Quacksalber von Quedlinburg as a children's game version "Mit Quacks & Co. to Quedlinburg”.

Schmidt Games: Spring novelties 2022

With Quacks & Co. to Quedlinburg: With Quacks & Co. to Quedlinburg is a little surprise in the area of ​​children's board games. The idea is based on that of the original: In the offshoot for younger players, game chips are also handled, but instead of around a cauldron, on the way to the eponymous city.

"Come along with the donkey Quacks and his friends and lure the animals forward with the right food. But not every food will bring your four-legged friend equally far,” writes Schmidt Spiele about the title. “It means finding the right combination to be as fast as possible. But sometimes a dream herb has gotten lost in your bag and your animal prefers to take a little break”. The basic concept is similar to the template, but has been modified to reflect the age. The board game With Quacks & Co. to Quedlinburg is aimed at 2 to 4 players aged six and up and costs around 30 euros. It is one of the new products for spring 2022 from Schmidt Spiele.

Also clever: The dice game "Also clever" by Wolfgang Warsch was also created on the basis of a well-known template. As in the adult version of the roll-and-write title, players must convert the dice rolls into as many points as possible. This also happens in the version for 2 to 4 children from the age of five by ticking symbols that, among other things, grant additional moves. And: All dice that the active player does not use remain for the opponents. The downtime is therefore low - for a children's or family game that's a big plus. Clever will also cost around 13,50 euros.

Wanted Hunted – The Board Game:  Schmidt Spiele also relies on a popular template for the board game for "Gefraget Gejagt" - this is, however, a TV show about presenter Alexander Bommes and some particularly clever guessers: the hunters. The board game is intended to capture the atmosphere of the show - the table game version is also about wagers and a subsequent guessing hunt. The title is aimed at 2 to 5 players aged eight and over. A party lasts about half an hour. Schmidt Games states the costs as 28,99 euros.

Real top: Because the Schmidt publishing house is now known for its roll-and-write games, among other things, the innovations for spring 2022 are also being followed up accordingly. Jürgen Wrede and Ralph Querfurt present another dice game with a twist in “Echt Spitze”. After "Can you bend" this time it's about piercing a score sheet with a pencil to get to the goals on the back. Precautions have been taken to ensure that the high-gloss gaming table is not damaged. A rubber pad is included with the dice game. Up to four players from the age of eight can compete, alternatively Echt Spitze can also be played alone. A game lasts about 20 minutes. The publisher calls for a price of around 13,50 euros.

Forest of Wonders: With Wald der Wunder, Schmidt Spiele is bringing out a placement game based on the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. You have to meet the demands of the Queen of Hearts, who would like to see her ideas of a perfect piece of forest implemented. 1 to 4 players, ages 20+, puzzle together their forest of wonders on their own forest boards. The selection of tiles is limited. According to the publisher, the placement game should “constantly offer new and exciting challenges” and the rules should be simple. A game of the family game, which costs around 29 euros, lasts around XNUMX minutes.

The future of Camelot: The board game of the same name, which is based on the Arthurian legend, is about nothing less than the future of Camelot. 2 to 5 players, ages ten and up, can join in and search for the Holy Grail. The king sends out a knight and a magician. There are adventures to be had and challenges to be overcome. "Whether in the countryside or at the court of Camelot, whether in jousting or uncovering hidden mysteries, knights and mages must work closely together to ensure their success and, upon their return, possibly actually deliver the Grail to their king," writes the publisher this novelty. A game should last about 45 minutes. The board game will cost around 35 euros.

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