The traditional Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele has presented its board game innovations for spring 2021. At least two titles are particularly interesting: The first expansion of Wolfgang Warsch's taverns in Tiefen Thal appears under the title Das Gasthaus vom Tiefen Thal; The Mission ISS board game also sounds very promising for families and sends the group of players on a journey into space together. 

The Schmidt Spiele publishing house will be adding six new products to its portfolio this spring: The taverns in Tiefen Thal, The inn of Tiefen Thal, 1st expansion; Pocket Detective - The bomb is ticking; You can bend; Mission ISS; ColleXion; as well as Plapparagei under the brand Drei Magier.

The Gasthaus im Tiefen Thal: First tavern expansion

The stay in the Tiefen Thal is extended by one round. Wolfgang Warsch's surprise hit The taverns in the Tiefen Thal still lands on the table with constant regularity for many players today. The reviews of the basic game were mostly positive, reason enough for Schmidt Spiele and Wolfgang Warsch to add the first expansion.

Players can add four new modules, plus a few more strategic tricks. Image: Schmidt Games

Players can add four new modules, plus a few more strategic tricks. Image: Schmidt Games

The extension contains four new modules; Players can add a wine cellar and guest rooms to the tavern. Landlords, on the other hand, bring new strategic possibilities into play, as a highlight an award from the mayor beckons - provided that the player manages to turn the Tiefen Thal into a real tourist magnet. Even with the expansion, The Taverns in the deep valley can still be played with two to four players. The expansion to Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal is expected to appear in May 2021.

Mission ISS: Family trip to the space station

Mission ISS revolves around the space station of the same name. Image: Schmidt Games

Mission ISS revolves around the space station of the same name. Image: Schmidt Games

Another new product for 2021 from Schmidt Spiele is the family board game Mission ISS by Michael Luu. "Manage the Station" is emblazoned on the packaging, and the name says it all. Perfect cooperation is expected from the astronauts to keep the International Space Station running and in orbit.

It quickly becomes clear: Mission ISS is a cooperative board game and is aimed at two to four players, ages ten and up. In games with a playing time of around 90 minutes, the players act together.

The exciting basic idea of ​​the board game: During the game, players trace the history of the ISS. It all begins in 1998, the year the first module was attached to the space station. From this point on, the future of the ISS is in the hands of the players: "In the course of the game, you bring more astronauts to the station, who build new modules there, carry out various research assignments or simply drift in weightlessness.

"Only together will you be able to master the challenge of space."
Schmidt games

As on the real space station, the cooperation between the players and the coordination of the astronauts decides on the success of the ISS mission,” explains the publisher of the board game, which is scheduled to be released on March 15th.

Can bend: the roll-and-write around corners

Schmidt will also be launching a new roll-and-write game in the spring. The release is planned for March 2021. Up to four players can take part in a game of tick-mark dice game by the authors Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and Ralph Querfurth; Once again! - also play alone. It's always about bending the corners of the game board and connecting them together. The basic idea is refreshing for a roll-and-write, which is otherwise usually only about the highest possible number of points.

Kannste kink will be published by Schmidt Spiele in spring. Images: publisher

Kannste kink will be published by Schmidt Spiele in spring. Images: publisher

With each of their turns, players have to decide whether they will earn permanent bonuses or instead just turn the corner of the game board. Dice determine the number of steps on the crosses. The goal: Whoever bent over all four corners first and connected the target symbols that appeared on them, wins. Four different levels, each with different degrees of difficulty, ensure variety. The game is aimed at players aged eight and over and lasts around 20 minutes per game.

ColleXion: Finding and collecting game by Antoine Bauza

Antoine Bauza's Collection board game ColleXion is published in a localized version by Verlag Schmidt Spiele. Two to four players try to pick out sets of four from a hodgepodge of shapes and colors at the right time. Tension is created because players get more points if they wait longer - in case of doubt, however, another player was already faster and you risk minus points. It's a kind of collection poker where speed isn't all that important. Additional brands trigger bonus campaigns and create a certain annoyance factor. The board game is aimed at players aged seven and over.

New: Children's play Plapparagei from Drei Magier

Also new, but aimed at children, is the discarding game Plapparagei, which is published by Schmidt Spiele under the DreiMageger brand. The quick rounds of almost 20 minutes are all about saying the right color or the right animal species, calling out "Plapparagei" or simply repeating it. Because some colors are forbidden, children have to use their memory to avoid "mistakes". Plapparagei is aimed at two to six children from the age of eight.

Pocket Detective: The bomb is ticking

The Pocket Detective crime series goes into a new round. In the spring, the third case appears, which confronts the player with a seemingly hopeless situation: the bomb is ticking. The basic idea of ​​the series is retained. A deck of cards tells a comprehensive crime story, players take on the roles of investigators and have to solve the eponymous case.

The third case from the series of puzzles will appear in spring. Images: Schmidt games

The third case from the series of puzzles will appear in spring. Images: Schmidt games

In the new offshoot of the series of puzzles, players end up in a small town in the mountains. The idyll will soon be over: a bomb was found in a factory on the outskirts of the city. And as if that weren't enough incentive for the players to investigate as deeply as possible, there is also a portion of mystery. What is made in the factory is just as uncertain at the beginning of the story as the identity of the perpetrator.

Up to six players work together on the case: Players can slip into the role of police officers, journalists or engineers. Each role allows different solutions. This allows the game to be played multiple times. Pocket Detective can also be used on its own. A game round lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Source: Schmidt games


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