With “Pocket Detective” the publishing house Schmidt Spiele is bringing a new fall novelty to the market, a crime series. Two cases are available at the start, so there is initially a “murder on campus” and “dangerous machinations”. Players slip into the roles of homicide investigators and use the clues given to solve the cases. 

Author Yury Yamshchikov, known among other things for Bears and Bees or Kosmonauts, relies on the well-known game idea: a murder has occurred and it is up to the players to take on the role of investigator. Crime fans can solve the cases alone or with up to five friends. According to the publisher, “Pocket Detective” is aimed at players aged twelve and over. The playing time is around an hour.

“Pocket Detective”: Small, not easy

Schmidt only demands games from the best investigators in order to be able to solve the riddles surrounding the murder cases. The new crime mystery series “Pocket Detective” works without any rules. Based on the material, players work out the solution together and clarify the cases within around 60 minutes.

Players can find clues and traces on the cards. Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

Players can find clues and traces on the cards. Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

Each card package contains a self-contained crime story. Players have to recognize clues, look for clues and link them together logically. At the start of the series, Schmidt Spiele brings the first two cases onto the market: murder on campus and dangerous machinations. Both titles promise excitement and classic crime thriller entertainment. So that it doesn't get too easy, the player's time is on their necks: “The players cannot afford any additional research and cost valuable points,” says Schmidt Spiele. Therefore, fans would always have to decide which clues to pursue to resolve the case - and which ones might lead them on the wrong track.

“Pocket Detective” is a card-sized crime mystery game, it does require a table, but not a lot of space to play. The title will not only appear in Germany, but will also be available in other language versions and offered by Get Games, Mandoo Games or Cranio Creations, among others.

The start of the cooperative crime card game series is planned for October 19, when both cases will appear immediately.


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