With a German version of the board game Scarface 1920, Grimspire want to whisk you away into a world full of violence, smuggling and corruption: The crowdfunding campaign in the Spieleschmiede has started and the funding target has already been achieved. For board game normal people with a taste for the topic, there is still a downer: the comparatively high price - but that was already the case with the Kickstarter version.

When you think of Scarface, you probably think of Al Pacino first - but that is not what is meant, even if the film and character are based on the gangster original. It's about Al Capone, the famous and notorious criminal, and the year 1920, when prohibition began in the United States.

Alcohol and gun deals

The board game Scarface 1920 is a highly themed and asymmetrical work in which up to four gang bosses, ages 14 and up, claim the throne of Chicago at the time of the alcohol ban. With their gang of criminals, they compete against each other in a mixture of worker placement, deck building and area control.

Players deal in alcohol and weapons, bribe politics and the judiciary, but also use much tougher bandages to defend their own sphere of influence or, even better, to expand it. The warring gangs not only stand in each other's way, but also get to do with the FBI, which is constantly on their heels.

Anyone who dares to venture into a world full of crime and want to compete with or against “Scarface” Al Capone can still do the project until September 16, 2021 in the Spieleschmiede support. "On the occasion of this, you not only lend Grimspire a helping hand in realizing a German edition, but you can also secure a copy yourself," it says.

In addition to the basic game, there is an expansion as well as exclusive content and deluxe upgrades such as wooden boxes for resources, a play mat made of neoprene and high-quality markers.

The board game Scarface 1920 in the Spieleschmiede has already reached its financial goal: they wanted to collect 15.000 euros, this limit has been exceeded. Over 90 blacksmiths were already active and were not deterred by the high price. The basic game costs 99 euros, while all playful content costs 145 euros. And if you also want to take the luxury goodies with you, you have to dig deep into your pockets: 245 euros.


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