Price comparisons are popular: for films, sound carriers, books, and even more so for video games. Several portals vie for the favor of customers with used goods. The price differences are usually marginal and can only be found out through intensive research, which hardly any user will do to save a few cents. Now an app is supposed to simplify the procedure: “Save me” compares the prices of used media that are currently being viewed.  

The users who put game boxes, "real" books or Blu-Rays on the shelves: they still exist. Despite countless download portals, physical media products continue to eke out their existence. One advantage is obvious compared to the purely digital variants: there is a flourishing used market - and with it the chance of particularly low prices.

The “Save me” smartphone app handles price comparisons

Spend hours manually comparing prices of used video games to save 50 cents? Only very few gamers would probably take that on themselves. Martin Dolacinski from Lübeck and his partner Maik Schmidt have developed a tool that is intended to make price comparisons easier for users. "Save me", as the app is called, does what the name promises: ideally save money. 

"Save Me is a price comparison for used media - including games, films and numerous books," explains Martin Dolacinski. "The currently largest providers of used media are compared: Medimops, reBuy, Amazon & eBay." Because several well-known portals are searched, users can assume that they determine good - if not always the best - prices for used media. That ultimately depends on whether the cheapest price can also be found with one of the providers listed by the app. 

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"Save me" is always practical for collectors: products that you own can be scanned and saved in individual collections. In this way, bad purchases could be avoided, especially if you have the same game for different platforms. Useful side effect: You have an overview of the current value of your "treasures" and can strike coveted titles at the best time.

"Save Me - Price Comparison" is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store: The project is financed through affiliate links, so it costs users nothing.

A feature to show a friend your collection for a limited time will be added soon. "Save me" will be regularly expanded with new features. The developers Maik and Martin are in constant contact with their Facebook community and want to implement the collected feedback as quickly as possible. "We welcome every creative collector who has suggestions for improvement," says Martin Dolacinski. 

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