Saving electricity when gaming: Video games are a common pastime - but did you know that they can also be very energy-hungry? In this article you will find out how you can save electricity while gambling and thus protect the environment.

The best way to save power while gaming is quite simple: turn down the graphics settings. As a result, less computing power is required and therefore less power is consumed. However, if you don't want to miss out on the great graphics, you can instead try cleaning your PC or console regularly to reduce power consumption.

Another tip is to turn off the console or PC completely when you're not using it. Of course, this also means that no electricity is consumed.

How can you save electricity while gambling?

If you want to save electricity while gaming, you should heed a few tips. Above all, the right equipment can reduce power consumption. Gamers should rely on an energy-efficient PC and a monitor with LED technology. The choice of games is also crucial: modern games require more computing power and therefore also consume more electricity. So if you play older or less demanding games, you can save power.

When it comes to saving electricity, many people immediately think of the traditional tips like turning off lights and appliances, avoiding sleep mode, and looking for energy-saving lightbulbs. But what about other electronic devices that use electricity on a regular basis, such as computers or consoles? Fortunately, there are some easy ways to reduce power consumption and save money.

The choice of electricity provider can also determine the price. One provider that relies on an app is Tibber. The electricity provider was temporarily present in television advertising, but now offers the option of using a smart device to adjust your own electricity consumption to the electricity prices traded on the stock exchange - so it depends on when you play. A small bonus: 50 euros can be save at Tibber right from the start.

Save electricity when gaming: Clean the device regularly

dust pc save power play

The PC should be dust-free – runs smoother and cooler. This saves energy and therefore money. Photo: Volkman

One of the biggest power guzzlers in gaming are screens. It is optimal here to switch to LED monitors, as they consume significantly less power than conventional LCD monitors. However, if you don't want to or can't replace your old monitor right away, you can simply reduce the brightness of the screen. Lower brightness uses less power and you can still see well.

Another important factor in saving electricity is choosing the right PC or console. Modern devices usually consume significantly more power than older models. So if you have a slightly older PC, you can definitely save power by switching to a newer model. However, you should also keep in mind that newer devices are usually more powerful and therefore also run more demanding games without any problems.

Last but not least, you should clean the PC or console regularly. Because dust in the ventilation slots can lead to overheating and thus increase power consumption.

Which games are particularly suitable for the power saving mode?

If you want to save electricity while gambling, you should heed a few tips. Which games are particularly suitable for the power saving mode?

The principle "all or nothing" also applies to gambling: either you play correctly or not at all. So if you leave your consoles in stand-by mode all the time and only start a game for a short time, you will use more power than if you switch the console off completely. The situation is different with the so-called "power-saving mode". This shuts down the console or PC, but still uses a little power so it can start up again quickly.

Many modern consoles already offer this function by default, so you do not need to make any further settings. As for the games, there are some differences here.

Because the power saving mode only puts the console to sleep, there are also some limitations. For example, online multiplayer games cannot be played until the console has booted. We also noticed that some games kept restarting as soon as we started them in power-saving mode.

Can I play online games in power saving mode?

Unfortunately, online multiplayer games are excluded. Because as soon as you choose a multiplayer mode, the console has to be booted up in order to communicate with the provider's server. However, the power-saving mode is quite suitable for single-player games. You should also note that your computer or laptop uses more power than your games console when gaming. If you really want to save a lot of electricity, you should do without the PC and grab the console.

How much electricity can you save when gaming?

Gambling is a popular pastime - but how much electricity can you save by gambling? On average, a gaming PC consumes around 150-200 watts. A conventional television, on the other hand, only consumes about 50 watts. For a household with an average power consumption, this means that gaming uses about 3 to 4 times as much power as watching TV.

So if you want to reduce your power consumption, you should consider whether it is worth switching to a gaming PC. A major benefit of gaming PCs is that they tend to be more energy efficient than traditional PCs. Also, you can play most games on PC in high quality, which increases the fun of the game.

If you choose a gaming PC, you should also make sure to choose a model with good energy efficiency. It is usually advisable to choose a PC with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. These processors tend to be more energy efficient than older models and offer better performance.

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In summary, it can be said that you can definitely save power when gaming if you choose the right devices. If you play video games regularly, you can save a few bucks a month by saving on electricity. On average, a gaming PC consumes around 200 watts per hour, which is about 2 cents per hour. Of course, the actual consumption depends on the performance of your PC. But you can also reduce the power consumption of your PC without an expensive hardware upgrade and thus save money. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1) Choosing the right graphics card: If you don't want to play the latest and greatest games, a cheaper graphics card will do just fine. A high-end graphics card uses more power and thus costs you more money.

2) Turn off or shut down your PC when not in use: If you won't be using your PC for a long period of time, you should turn it off completely. This not only saves electricity, but also protects the components of the PC.

3) Turn on an Energy Saver mode: Many PCs now have an energy saver mode that reduces the system's power consumption. This is especially useful if you don't want to use your PC for a long time.

4) Choose high-quality components: If you want to buy a new PC, you should pay attention to the energy efficiency of the individual components. Modern CPUs and GPUs are usually more energy efficient than older models and thus save electricity.

Tips and tricks for saving power while gaming

When it comes to power saving, gaming is one of the top activities to avoid. Nevertheless, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to save power when gaming:

  • Always switch off the PC or put it in standby mode when not in use. Shutting down the screen also saves energy.
  • Use energy-saving components such as LED monitors or notebooks with SSDs. These consume less power than conventional devices.
  • When choosing your PC, make sure you buy an energy star certified computer. These are particularly energy-saving.
  • If possible, you should switch to online gaming. By using cloud gaming services like GeForce Now, you significantly reduce your power consumption.
  • Connect your PC to a UPS to avoid power outages. This prevents your computer from being damaged during shutdown.
  • Use a power savings planner to control and adjust your PC's power consumption.
  • Check your PC's power settings regularly and make sure it's not using more power than necessary. - Install a power saving tool such as Greenify to reduce your PC's energy consumption.

With these tips and tricks you can save electricity while gaming and thus reduce energy costs. You can further reduce your electricity consumption by using energy saving products and services. These include LED bulbs, power saving plans, energy saving tools and -Apps.

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