With the MyView function of the Sportworld mobile app from Samsung, selected sporting events can be experienced from exclusive perspectives since mid-July. Samsung is expanding its offering and broadcasting several games from a professional eSports tournament for the first time. In this way, users have the great opportunity to watch two professional games as well as the final of the Dota 2 tournament ESL One Fall: Bootcamp Edition, which is broadcast live on the eSPORTS1 channel, from different angles. Up to six different camera perspectives are available for the duels, which will be shown on August 26th and 29th via the Sportworld mobile app.

One of the main differences between a visit to the stadium and the classic TV broadcast lies in the choice of perspectives. While on-site viewers can decide for themselves which part of the field they are watching, TV viewers are dependent on preset perspectives. However, due to the technical possibilities, they often come closer to the action. With the market launch of the new Sportworld mobile app, Samsung has combined the features of both experiences on one platform. Since mid-July, users have been able to experience selected sporting events from several freely selectable perspectives via the integrated MyView function by using their smartphone as a practical second screen.

Samsung's "Sportworld Mobile App" now also with e-sports

Now that various sporting events have already been shown via the Sportworld Mobile App, there is now a highlight that is aimed primarily at passionate eSports fans: The Sportworld Mobile App shows two professional games as well as the final of the Dota 2 tournament ESL One Fall: Bootcamp Edition. The tournament, with prize money of 400.000 dollars, is part of the ESL One event series, which has more than 630 million live views worldwide, making it one of the most renowned series of competitions on the scene. For the broadcast, Samsung works closely with the broadcaster eSPORTS1, which belongs to the comprehensive sports platform SPORT1 and will broadcast the entire tournament live from August 21 to 29. The duels, which can be followed via the Sportworld mobile app, will take place on August 26th at 17pm and 20pm and on August 29th at 17pm.

Using the MyView function, which converts the compatible smartphone into a practical second screen in no time at all, the event can be followed from up to six other perspectives parallel to the TV image. In this way, passionate viewers get very close to what is happening through the respective perspectives of the individual players and the overall view of the different teams.

"With our extensive gaming portfolio, we are well prepared for the growing interest in gaming," says Mike Henkelmann, Director Marketing Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics. "With the establishment of our gaming deals, the title sponsorship of the game evasion and the broadcast of the Dota 2 tournament from ESL for the first time, we would like to continue to accompany the future of gaming."

Andreas Gerhardt, Director Distribution / Regulation of Sport1 GmbH, on the cooperation: “With our offers - including eSPORTS1 as the first TV broadcaster for eSports in German-speaking countries - we have become the leading medium in this area and we have consistently expanded our reporting. Together with Samsung, we are now implementing the next exciting and innovative project for the young and extremely digital eSports target group with the live broadcast of the ESL One Fall: Bootcamp Edition on eSPORTS1 and the Sportworld Mobile App with additional camera perspectives. "

In order to be able to use the Sportworld Mobile App and the MyView function, users need a Smart TV from Samsung and a compatible smartphone. After you have downloaded the free application from the App Store onto your TV, you will find a QR code there that can be scanned with a smartphone. Once access is enabled, all you have to do is turn up the volume on the TV to connect the smartphone to the Samsung TV via the soundtrack. A five-second comparison finally creates a fluid interaction between smartphone display and TV - and thus the basis of the popular MyView function.

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