Today is the last day of Gen Con in the US. Like SPIEL, the American games fair is a gathering place for various new board games. One of the most popular abstract games, Sagrada, published in German by Pegasus, will be crowdfunded in a new form on Kickstarter in September. The novelty "Artisans" takes over the well-known mechanisms of the base game and expands the game with a legacy element.

Sagrada is in the top 10 abstract games on BoardGameGeek. There are already several expansions to the base game. Now another novelty in the Sagrada universe has been announced at Gen Con by Floodgate Games. The novelty is a legacy game.

Sagrada: Artisans - Legacy game on Kickstarter

Not much is known about the recently announced Sagrada title Artisans. The biggest innovation is certainly that you are now dealing with a legacy game. In the campaign, players take on the role of rival families collaborating on the design of the iconic windows of the Sagrada Familia.

The campaign spans multiple generations, and each window pattern presents new goals and challenges. As the campaign progresses, players unlock new skills and valuable tools that will stay with them beyond the campaign. The last part of the announcement suggests that some elements of Sagrada: Artisans could also be combined with the basic game.

More detailed information will be available no later than the start of crowdfunding on Kickstarter on September 13th. If you don't want to miss the start there, you can get the project here bookmark Nothing is known about a German localization. If the crowdfunding is successful, a German version should only be a matter of time if it is not part of the Kickstarter campaign from the start.

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