Cryptocurrencies and gaming have been going together for a long time. Projects from the blockchain-based decentralized finance (DeFi) sector in particular are increasingly using gaming incentives to draw attention to themselves. Safemoon is one of those tokens that want at least a rudimentary interest in a game division: with "Mooncraft" you can create Minecraft-based entertainment there. 

Just grabbing attention – Safemoon no longer needs that. Millions of fans and “holders” worldwide follow the fortunes of the token based on the Binance blockchain, which originally started as a “meme”, but is now perceived as an ambitious tech project in crypto space. Gimmicks shouldn't be missing there either when it comes to "utility". It is therefore not particularly surprising that Minecraft, one of the most popular video games ever, was chosen for "Mooncraft".

Safemoon: "Mooncraft" as a side project

What is Safemoon actually? The token is now a green-black phenomenon in the crypto space, with quite a few investors currently assuming that it is completely undervalued. Millions of fans on social media follow the fortunes of the Safemoon team, and it's not uncommon for things to get rough. However, the makers around CEO John Karony – recently named CEO of the year by Utah Business magazine – do not allow themselves to be stressed. In small development steps, they pursue their vision of a technological world that should focus on people and innovations.

Even if Safemoon's current token price doesn't reflect it directly: A lot is happening at the young company, which is not based somewhere in Silicon Valley or near Wall Street, but in the Texas wasteland. From the headquarters in Utah, the minds behind the Safemoon token are currently causing small-scale cheers on a regular basis. Safemoon has already established a so-called "swap" including an app, upgraded the token to version 2 and published a watch list for a Safemoon credit card. The next big thing will then be its own Safemoon Exchange, which according to John Karony is in "active development". The token would then compete directly with scene giants such as Binance or The Safemoon team is also working on the launch of its own blockchain. Why all that? In order to generate as much "utility" as possible, i.e. use in everyday life. Safemoon then wants to increase its trading volume, promote the burning of tokens and thus positively influence the price in the long term.

But the creators are not only concerned with money. There is now much more behind the project: namely wind turbines, which can then also be used by investors as a profitable investment. John Karony often emphasizes that NFT can also be "three-dimensional".

With “Mooncraft”, Safemoon has created a small sidekick to also interest gamers in the DeFi space. The basic idea: create a lively community, because this is what such projects live on. The developers are working hard on the Minecraft idea, only on March 7th was an update released that, among other things, brought fishing into play.

Mooncraft is a multiplayer Minecraft server where fans can spend time together in the sandbox. Microtransactions and NFT are of course current topics - and here too the reason is obvious: create further benefits in the Safemoon Space. "Mooncraft" thus serves as one catalyst among many, with which the team wants to ensure the long-term success of the token.

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