Some find it silly, others can't wait for the pre-Christmas custom, and still others turn the tradition into a modern take on gift-giving comedy: Secret Santa. From classic company elves to scrap elves, the process hardly knows any uniform rules. What is usually given is what first falls into your hands. There are hardly any requirements for a good Secret Santa gift - except for one thing: it should be as affordable as possible, ideally costing less than ten euros. And if at all possible, a Secret Santa gift should also make the recipient happy, or at least amused. So that the next Secret Santa doesn't turn out to be a flop, we have the perfect tips for suitable Secret Santa gifts ready. Have fun! Christmas is going to be big this year. "Thinking big" is our motto this year: the bigger the gift, the more fun the holidays will be. In order to do justice to this motto, there is hardly a better idea than giving away board games for Christmas. With the large selection, it is difficult to find a suitable board game title that will bring joy to the recipient. You are therefore on the safe side with board game classics, which are commercially available in practical big boxes at reasonable prices.

Into the sack. Get to the sack.

Regardless of which region of the globe you do it, one thing is right at the top of the rules for traditional Secret Santa: King chance determines who is allowed to give presents to whom. This works in the classic way with pen and paper or, in the digital age, with the help of apps or websites that take over the drawing and, if desired, even inform the participants about their luck by email. Wichteln is equal rights in practice: anonymity is one of the top priorities, which is why particularly courageous participants outdo themselves every year and throw particularly crazy gifts into the sack. 

Now, when it comes to elf, sometimes you get a very stupid lot - the boss, for example. In principle, nobody knows who the gifts came from, but the rumor mill often boils over, especially in companies. Then of course nobody wants to be embarrassed; and thanks to our tips, embarrassment is almost impossible. On the contrary: for such an ingenious selection of an elf present you will earn admiring glances and maybe even a promotion because you gave the boss exactly the game he has always wanted.

Even if it hardly seems, it is a pre-Christmas custom with a long tradition.

Gnome game: Again! by Schmidt games

Packed ready-to-use: the ideal board games for elf

Once again! von Inka and Markus Brand are praised by players for a reason. The simple but pretty clever game of dice requires skill and a good knack for combining. Each participant receives a game sheet on which different colored boxes are waiting to be ticked - not randomly, but each connected in a given color and with a number determined by the dice. The game idea is as simple as it is challenging, which in this dice game from Schmidt Spiele leads to an enormous addiction factor. All players play at the same time, where all means 1 to 6 in this case. Once again! you can also play perfectly alone if you just want to keep the imp to yourself; and there is a great risk that this will happen.

The active player in each case throws the color and number dice in order to then decide on two dice, which he scores for himself personally on the game sheet. The remaining players then choose their color and number combination from the remaining dice or use one of the wild symbols if they are available. Filling in a column is just as important as completing a color. Whoever achieves the highest number of points in the final scoring wins. Becomes tricky Once again! through various "Keuzchen tactics" that open up in the course of the game. It is not only important that you spread out as cleverly as possible on the game sheet, but also that as an active player you should snatch attractive combinations from the other participants, at least if you can use them yourself - there are also minus points. The motivation to achieve higher and higher final ratings leads to hours of game evenings.

Into the sack: Once again! is the perfect elf gift for under 10 euros that turns your worst enemy into your greatest friend.

Gnome Game: Port Royal Underway by Pegasus Games

The elf experience begins with luck and chance and ends with it, at least if you choose to play the independent card game Port Royal on the way by Pegasus Games decides. The "Unterwegs-Series" is also a new format of Pegasus Games to prepare fans for upcoming trips. The mechanics of the game are the same as the original, but have been simplified where appropriate to function as a card game. Port Royal en route means push-your-luck in its purest form and entertains 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up, at a high level. Even the purchase price of Port Royal on the way is more than convincing and makes the card game an ideal title for the next gnome evening.

The aim of the game is to recruit characters who generate victory points for the players. In keeping with one's status, payment is made with gold coins that have to be earned. Each move consists of exactly two phases, which are composed on the one hand of refreshing the port section and on the other hand of the trading part. The process continues until one of the players has eight victory points. The mobile version of Port Royal certainly loses a bit of the charm of the original, but impresses with its exciting game rounds and smooth gameplay. Fans of the original version will be particularly pleased that the characters from Port Royal can also be used as an extension on the go.

With this game, real push-your-luck comes into the bag.

Gnome Game: The Game Extreme by NSV

The predecessor of The Game Extreme was rightly placed on the nomination list for the 2015 Game of the Year, but could not prevail against Colt Express. Even without the title it is The Game a timeless classic that ensures high tension on the gaming table with simple rules. The new variant combines the strengths of the cooperative card game with exciting modifications that limit the possible player actions. With this, the hope for new records dwindles significantly, but also motivates to keep playing. The basic idea is easy to explain. Solo or cooperatively with two to five players, the players must complete decks of cards, each running from 1 to 100 and from 100 to 1. The fewer cards that are left at the end, the better the players have done. The gameplay is so simple that you wonder why you didn't invent the game yourself. The Game Extreme however, puts some special regulations on top. A total of 28 instructions from two main categories put additional obstacles in the way of the players. Lightning symbols must be executed immediately, infinity symbols remain active as long as they are displayed. The orders end the players' turns prematurely, forbid any communication or restrict the display of cards. In contrast to its predecessor, the difficulty factor is enormous, with constantly changing game situations the rounds become even more unpredictable and many times more exciting. With The Game Extreme the fun factor of the original grows exponentially, but requires a certain amount of experience with the game processes of the basic variant in order to celebrate acceptable successes.

Make around 9 euros for this expert card game The Game Extreme the perfect title for the elf sack.