At Strohmann Games, 2023 is all about upscale connoisseur games. The most complex of the announcements so far, according to BoardGameGeek rating, was confirmed yesterday. A game with the same theme won Game of the Year 19 years ago. We're talking about the Alhambra. In the novelty of the Straw Man, too, the players participate in the construction of this imposing structure.

Author Germán P. Millán took part last year Bitoku one of the most hyped titles at SPIEL. Also this year there was a new game from him, which at least in terms of complexity Bitoku is comparable.

Thematically, however, the novelty was inspired by something completely different, which was already implemented very successfully in a game 19 years ago. In sabika the players are members of the Nasrid dynasty, under whose leadership the Alhambra in Granada was built. In addition to their contributions to the construction of the building, they must also establish new trade routes in Europe and the Maghreb countries.

Build the Alhambra

The players have 5 rounds to complete their task. The first two belong to the first era and the rest to the second era. Each of these rounds consists of an action phase and an end-of-round phase. 

Central to the action phase is the large rondel in the middle, which is made up of three individual rondels, each focusing on a different aspect of the game. Through the actions of the outer roundabout, the Alhambra is built. Here everyone has two workers (builders). Raw materials are traded with the middle roundabout. The worker here is the trader. The poet works on the inner roundabout. With this the Alhambra is decorated and adorned.

In each turn you can activate an active worker and move it clockwise on one of the roundels or place it directly on the desired field from your own workshop. Depending on the movement distance and any existing workers from other people, this will incur costs.

Now you can carry out the main and/or secondary action of the space on which your worker's movement ended. After that, this worker is inactive.

In the round phase, the players receive income, the round marker is moved, tributes must be paid and any wishes of the sultan that may be on display are converted into victory points.

After the action phase of the fifth round, the end-of-round phase is replaced by the end-of-game phase. Apart from the name, these two phases hardly differ. Above all, additional victory point conditions are counted.

Whoever collects the most prestige points after counting all the points wins the game.

An exact release date of the Kennerspiel novelty is not yet known. The game is suitable for 1-4 people aged 14 and over. The playing time is between 60 and 120 minutes.

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