Leaks are usually announced on Reddit or in forums. Now the news platform Twitter is the “crime scene” for spreading a new rumor. A new Batman Arkham game should therefore already be presented at the upcoming Video Game Wards. According to the leak, the title is also already fixed: The successor is to be called Batman: Arkham Legacy.

The rumor has spread the “Arkham Channel” on Twitter. The user, a Youtuber who creates and publishes videos for games from the Arkham series, claims to have learned from a reliable source that the new Batman offshoot is to be revealed as part of the video game wards show. The Arkham Channel itself hopes that they will prove the rumors to be true in the end. 

Video Game Awards: Batman Arkham Legacy to be revealed?

Again and again there were alleged leaks about a possible successor. And this time too, the rumor mill for a new Arkham game is properly fired. The “reliable source” should be the user who had already commented on a Damian Wayne title at the time. Warner Bros is said to have worked on the title, but then discontinued the project. What remained were concept drawings.

It wasn't until September that reports came up, a game with the title Batman: Arkham Knight would be under development. Fans will probably know by December 12th at the latest whether the current rumors are true: this is when the Video Game Awards, which have been held annually since 2014, will take place. 

Possible revelations are not entirely unlikely. Warner Bros Montréal published a six-second teaser on the official Twitter channel at the end of September, entitled “Capture the Knight”. Fans liked and commented on the tweet a thousand times. What is actually behind it, however, is still uncertain. 

Fans should find such leaks as a kind of sign of life for the popular Batman series at least interesting - regardless of whether the rumors ultimately come true or not. 

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