Job postings from developer studios often give rise to speculation: This is how it is this time at Rockstar Games. The studio is to work on a new video game that is thematically set in the European Middle Ages. Similar rumors existed a few years ago, but such plans did not actually reach the public. New finds from Reddit users are now making the rumor mill simmer again.

Rockstar Games isn't known for releasing a lot of video games. Instead, the developers want to publish few but good games in view of rising costs and extended support for the titles. Above all, fans of the current console generation "suffer" under the motto of the type "class instead of mass". It is all the more gratifying that at least rumors about a possible medieval video game from Rockstar Games are making the rounds again. 

Job postings indicate development am

Years ago, Rockstar Games was rumored to be working on a video game set in the European Middle Ages. However, none of this has seen the light of day. Gamers rightly assumed that such a game would not exist - now new leaks suggest one Reddit user suggest that Rockstar Games could develop a medieval game after all.

Accordingly, the game should focus on sword fights and duels. Rather unlikely: According to the user, the game should be released in the first quarter of 2021. However, the marketing machinery would have started long ago. Apart from his "trust", the user has no evidence whatsoever for his assumption. 

Apart from GTA 6 or a medieval game, a successor to "Bully" is also possible. Image: Rockstar Games

Apart from GTA 6 or a medieval game, a successor to "Bully" is also possible. Image: Rockstar Games

Taking into account another utterance of a other Reddit users the "confidential statement" is at least somewhat condensed. He found a job listing where Rockstar Games is looking for someone who can create "medieval architectural style" environments. It could be a coincidence and the rumors are not confirmed. Everything remains vague: Even today, the chances of a medieval game being announced are not particularly good.

So which game Rockstar Games is actually developing is uncertain. It is clear, however, that a new project for next-generation consoles is in the works, because there are job offers for an "Animation System Programmer", a "Junior Animation Programmer" and a "Environment Terrain Artist' actually switched to Rockstar.

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The job ads are not related to medieval titles - it could therefore also be the GTA successor GTA 6. Or a completely new title, probably with an open world concept, which can then be supported again in the long term.

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