The Funny Paperback once again presents us with duck-strong exclusive insights into the royal family. The new special volume from the "Royal" series of Funny Paperbacks is available in stores and contains 13 royal stories.

Nobility and everyday life - and other royal stories

The British royal family has a new heir to the throne, who is expected and eagerly celebrated by royal fans around the world. The royal offspring is also popular in Duckburg and is the top topic in the media. Walt Disney's Lustiges Taschenbuch again tells interesting news about the nobility in the fifth volume of the aristocratic comic series.

Cover of the new funny paperback "Royal"
Source: obs / Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH / Egmont Ehapa / Disney

While loud baby screams keep the palace of the United Kingdom in suspense, a nobleman from Duckburg gets into trouble. Sir Dagobert Duck has to protect himself from malicious attacks by the common financier Kleverfeller. In another story, a tennis tournament is organized by the king, in which the king himself wants to take part and win by all means. His three mouse keteers try everything to get him safely through the tournament.
Other stories are about secret love, evil conspiracies and a passionate passion for customers and culture.

The following stories await the readers in the Funny Paperback of the Royal series:

  • Royale first words
  • Small big names: Acts first to fourth
  • At the fair: the collector's suffering
  • A fateful sneeze
  • The strength lies in the flavor
  • At the fair: the king's reading
  • Dragon Knight Donald
  • At the fair: the king's costume
  • Royal rap with pep
  • His Majesty's Tournament

The LTB Royal No. 5 (7,99 euros) has been in stores since April 12th.

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