Roulette is the epitome of gambling and it is impossible to imagine any trendy casino without it. The roulette table is the place where men in tuxedos drink shaken martinis, women in sumptuous evening dresses bet on black or red and every evening they play for big prizes. Even today, roulette is one of the most popular, but mostly underestimated casino games. Whether in a gambling temple in the real world or in an online casino: No player who wants to challenge his or her luck can avoid an exciting game of roulette. But how lucky is roulette actually? You can find out in the following article whether strategies actually exist with which you can increase your chances of winning.

Roulette: the game of chance with a history

There are many tips and tricks in roulette. At least as exciting as a functioning winning strategy is the historical background of one of the most traditional games of chance - also in online casinos. The inventor of roulette is not the French mathematician Blaise Pascal, even if this could be obvious due to the linguistic origin of the term roulette. Blaise Pascal was a respected probability theorist who wrote his writing as early as the 17th century History of the roulette and Suite de l'histoire de la roulette which, instead of gambling, deal with the cycloid, also known as roulette. The roots of roulette are much older. Fortuna was already considered the goddess of luck and fate in Roman mythology. The wheel of Fortuna already indicated that circular shapes have something mystical about them that can determine the fate of people. Playful forms of roulette emerged in Italy in the 17th century. Roulette experienced its first boom almost a century later in France, where King Louis XV tried to ban the game - unsuccessfully. Napoleon Bonaparte gave roulette a home when he only allowed gambling in the gambling houses of the Palais Royale in Paris. The 1830s were the great years of casinos and thus also of roulette. If you wanted to play roulette and win, you couldn't avoid a visit to one of the hip gambling houses. Even the Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky came into contact with roulette and wrote one of his greatest novels about it: The Gambler.

From many changes to the rules and the table arrangement, two common roulette formats emerged over the years, which could also be understood as a synonym for the respective culture of the country. While in France it was traditionally played at double tables, the US casinos bet on a faster game at smaller tables. Today roulette is one of the most exciting games of chance, in which one tirelessly searches for an infallible winning system.  

Important basics of roulette

The basic rules of roulette are comparatively simple. The aim of roulette is to guess the outcome of a game round in advance and to place a bet on it. In roulette, the outcome of the game is determined by the ball that falls into one of the number and color fields within the roulette wheel. At every table there are minimum wagering requirements, but also maximum limits for the use of “tokens” (chips). Players can place their bets up to the famous phrase “Rien ne va plus”. Because the roulette wheel is already rolling at the time the croupier announces it, professionals consider, among other things, the physical prerequisites of the rolling movements in order to detect bowl errors, for example. The rule of thumb applies: No wheel in roulette is perfectly shaped. Even slight bumps can noticeably affect the behavior of the ball and thus add an additional factor to the calculation of the probability of winning.

Especially as a beginner, you should know about roulette beforehand fixed budget use to keep possible losses within a calculable range. It is just as important to analyze the casino's payout rates in advance. Especially players who want to play roulette in the online casino should get an overview of the available offers and select the online casinos that are the best Payout Rates to offer. Even with roulette there is the so-called house advantage of the bank. This turns out differently depending on the game variant, so that ambitious players at best the Roulette variant with the lowest house advantage Select. For comparison: In European roulette, the house advantage is around 2,6 percent. With the American variant, however, just under 5,3 percent. A distinct difference that players should use as part of their effective roulette winning strategy.

It is not particularly profitable to bet exclusively on your personal lucky numbers in roulette - even if the attraction is particularly great for beginners. Wagers are more efficient in terms of their prospects of winning when these distributed will. Increase your stakes when you win, but make sure to allow for losses due to lower stakes in accordance with your planned budget. Immensely important: choose the roulette table, its Bet limits corresponds to your personal gaming budget.

A question of probability: mathematical systems

Mathematical game systems, which are supposed to significantly increase the chances of winning, are particularly exciting in roulette. Also known to beginners is mostly the so-called Martingale principle, which was also featured in the film on the subject of gambling. When playing martingale, in roulette in the event of a loss, the stake is increased. That sounds simple, but it does require one thing on the player side: almost unlimited resources. The financial advantages lie predominantly with the casino, so that players with the Martingale strategy can only increase their chances of winning if they are able to participate in roulette as long as the odds change in their favor. In addition, in modern roulette, the maximum possible bet limits are an insurmountable hurdle that cancels out the Martingale principle. The attack on the casino ends at the latest when the maximum is reached and doubling is no longer possible.

Roulette: basic tips for beginners and advanced players

No matter how systematically you approach roulette as a player in order to calculate a functioning winning strategy, in the end the conclusion is sobering: as promising as Martingale sounds at first, the mathematical evidence for the non-existence of secure winning strategies is so clear. The martingale game itself applies to the stochastic calculations as the basis for the fact that secure (and therefore loss-free at the end of the day of the game) systems do not exist. Roulette players should not be deterred by this fact, because the myth of roulette works apart from any system theories - in the casino and in roulette in an online casino. Rather, it is the feel of the game and the ambience that give roulette a special charm. Experience and knowledge can nevertheless help to significantly increase the winnings in roulette - simply because possible losses are minimized and basic betting strategies are optimized. 

The best roulette tips: strategies for success?

If safe winning strategies are mentioned, the chances of actually discovering a working game strategy in the corresponding article decrease. Well-thought-out planning of operations is more valuable than any defined operation strategy. If you want to discover boiler faults, you can't avoid visiting a real casino. Roulette in the online casino relies on purely digital technology and not on mechanical movements of the roulette wheel.

The best roulette tips: strategies for success?

The cauldron in an online casino is a flawless virtual construct and works flawlessly, so that cauldron errors are not to be found there, at least. On the other hand, online casinos in particular rely on steadily modified roulette variantsthat increase or decrease the chances of winning - often by adding or removing drawn balls. Ambitious players keep an overview of the variants on offer in order to create the best possible conditions for winnings. Resounding strategies for success in roulette are often based on “urban legends” that did not happen in reality - or that were simply noticed by fortunate circumstances. Much more important than adopting a static strategy is a steady one Exchange with other players.