The Düsseldorf-based, international development team of Gamma Minus has teamed up with publisher Daedalic to bring the 80s back to life! Rough Justice: '13, an exciting combination of strategy game, detective sim and neon noir crime thriller, will be released on March 84th.

Players immerse themselves in the metropolis of Seneca City where, as the owner of a private security agency, they hire freelance bounty hunters, security and repo agents and solve various cases. But things are brewing behind the scenes - because a secret organization is pursuing a dangerous plan and the player is caught in the crosshairs.

Rough Justice: '84 later for other platforms

Rough Justice: '84 is a title inspired by 80's board games. As the owner of a private security agency, players try to bring order to the ever-changing Seneca City. But beware - there is a much larger story unfolding behind the scenes of this fight for justice. A secret organization with insidious plans is gaining ground in Seneca City and has set its sights on players.

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Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) White Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) White * Currently no reviews 336,00 EUR

Players hire freelance bounty hunters, security and repo agents. With strategy, calculated decisions - and a bit of luck - they advise their team on the best course of action in each situation. Whether it's security services, garnishments, capturing fugitives or night shifts: To be successful, they must determine case requirements precisely and schedule the right agents.

By successfully completing cases, their reputation will increase, additional content will be unlocked and they will delve deep into a story of corruption and unspeakable evil. To get to the root of the evil gnawing at the city, they use their influence and the resources at their disposal: from agents and the surveillance technology of the 80s to influential friends.

  • Packed with pop culture references that will tickle nostalgic dopamine receptors
  • Original 80's style soundtrack by acclaimed Hollywood composer Raouf Djeffel
  • A variety of unique agents in retro 80's artwork
  • Solve criminal cases with puzzles, dice mechanics and a bit of luck
  • Various case types including security, garnishment, fugitive capture and more

Rough Justice: '84 will be available in multiple languages, with the Düsseldorf-based team putting special emphasis on full English and German audio.

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