Uwe Rosenberg is not only very successful, but also very productive. A few weeks after the successful Gamefound and Spieleschmiede campaign for Oranienburger Kanal, Lookout Games are announcing the next Rosenberg title. Here you can also find the worker placement as the main mechanism.

Lookout Games will be showcasing a number of new titles at the UK Games Expo which starts on Friday. The “star” in the publisher's new line-up is once again a Uwe Rosenberg title. This brings the players to Africa. There it is important to enter into a good "cooperation" with flying foxes.

Atiwa - Grow with care for the environment

As with many Rosenberg games, it is also Ativa about a worker placement game. The players go to the Atiwa Range in the southeast of Ghana. It is home to many endangered animal species. But much of the forest area is threatened by humans. One animal that can help with reforestation is the flying fox. They used to be hunted as fruit thieves until their usefulness was recognized.

The players have also recognized this benefit. The flying foxes distribute the seeds of fruit over large areas and thus help with reforestation and also increase the harvest in the medium term. This leads to a symbiotic cooperation between humans and animals.

In Ativa your community will develop near the Atiwa Range. All build houses for new families and share their knowledge about the negative effects of mines and the positive effect of fruit bats on the environment. New land and careful handling of animals and resources are important for growing your own community. Whoever best matches the needs of their community with the environment wins the game.

The game for 1-4 players has a playing time of up to 90 minutes. The recommended age is 12 years. If you want to read the rules, you can here do.
Atiwa should be available at SPIEL in Essen.

Other novelties

In addition to the board game novelty Ativa there are also two well-known games in a new look. Patchwork Express gets the new name at the same time Stack'n'Stuff.
The game panels are now the interior of moving delivery trucks. In addition to Uwe Rosenberg, Marianne Waage is named as a co-designer for this version.
Next there will be a new edition of 1880: Chinese give. The extensive game from 2010 by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler has a playing time of 300 minutes and is suitable for 3-7 people. The Lookout Games edition of the game is scheduled to be released in Germany in August.

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