The board game Root continues its successful course - but this time again as a digital adaptation. After releases for PC and smartphones, Root is now also available as a game for Nintendo Switch. The release took place on November 16.

The asymmetrical board game Root by Leder Games remains the theme in the scene: The title conquers the Nintendo Switch and thus appears on a console with the option of controlling the game by touch. Players can compete against each other online or locally via split-screen mode.

Root: online, split screen or solo

As with the version for smartphones, Root for Nintendo Switch is a “board game to go”. Thanks to the hybrid concept of the console, you can play the digital parlor game on the go. Like the previously published digital adaptations, the version has a solo mode. Dire Wolf Digital was responsible for the implementation and announced the title via Twitter.

Two to four players slip into the roles of the four different factions and fight for victory points. The digital version adheres to the rules of the board game template, including the different playing styles of the available factions - each with their individual strengths and weaknesses.

The fights to be decided with digital dice roll are optically polished up with illustrations by Kyle Ferrin, the illustrator who gave the board game its unmistakable look. The digital version also includes the river people expansion with two new factions.

Dire Wolf Digital, an experienced studio that had already adapted board games such as Robbers of the North Sea or A Game of Thrones - Das Brettspiel, was involved in the implementation. Root is originally from Cole Wehrle, author of titles such as Pax Pamir and John Company, among others.

Root occupies around 500 MB of storage space on the Nintendo Switch and, according to the USK, is recommended for ages 6 and up.


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