The asymmetrical board game Root will be released later this year. Leder Games announced this on Facebook. The adaptation of the board game is being developed by Dire Wolf Digital, the studio that has already implemented Robbers of the North Sea and Sagrada and is currently working on the digital version of Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition. Root will be available on Steam for PC, but also as a mobile game. 

The board game Root is much more than an insider tip - and not just because of the cute cat meeples. With the asymmetrical concept, two to four players each pursue different goals, which results in different playing styles at the same time. Four warring factions fight for the fate of a forest area full of animals.

Root: digital board game corresponds to template

Each of the factions has individual ways to get victory points. It won't be any different in the digital board game either. The Marquise de Cat, for example, collect points for building military equipment, the Alliance by collecting allies. This opens up different approaches and strategies, so that Root plays completely differently if you approach the board game again and with a change of faction.

The author of the game is Cole Wehrle. He is also responsible for Pax Pamir, among other things. Root is also being implemented as a tabletop RPG, and a corresponding Kickstarter campaign was successful. The roleplaying game is scheduled to be delivered in September.

The digital version by Root is optically successful. Image rights: Dire Wolf Digital

The digital version by Root is based on the style of the original. Image rights: Dire Wolf Digital

The development studio Dire Wolf Digital is responsible for the adaptation. Originally, Root was supposed to appear as a digital board game as early as 2019, but obviously nothing came of it. Now there is not just a life sign, but a release period. Root will be released this year for PC Steam as well as Android and iOS - at least that's possible from a Facebook post* from Leder Games, the publishers of the board game. The publisher does not give an exact publication date, nor is a date or quarter given on Valve's platform Steam.

The design seems to be almost a 1: 1 adaptation. Dire Wolf Digital only uses the advantages of digital possibilities for the presentation. For example, the map of the forest area is shown three-dimensionally, as are the tokens and models. The board game Root also retains its idiosyncratic charm in the digital version, which also appears much more cuddly. The app will contain a solo mode and a local multiplayer mode, and online games will also be possible. Crossplay is also announced so that players can compete against each other across platforms.

According to the Steam overview page, Root is localized as a digital board game for the German market (user interface and subtitles), but there is no official information from the developers.

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