Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has announced that the crowdfunding campaign for John D Clair's board game "Rolling Heights" will start on Kickstarter on February 8th. The focus is on high-rise construction in the 1920s and its workers.

Rolling Heights lets two to four players take on the roles of contractors who want to make money in the skyscraper era of the 1920s. The highlight of the board game lies in the dice mechanics: the meeples are rolled, which should then land on their feet so that players can get resources - otherwise it becomes quite risky, which in turn fits with the skyscraper construction in the XNUMXs.

Board game about skyscrapers

After board games like Space Base, Mystic Vale or Cubitos, John D Clair expands his thematic portfolio to include high-rise construction - that's exactly what Rolling Heights is about. The name of the board game says it all: players roll their meeples, which grant different types of bonuses. These can be simple rewards in the form of resources or significantly more complex benefits. Clair also relies on a little push-your-luck trick: Workers who land on their backs can be re-rolled to possibly trigger bonuses - but with the risk of losing them.

More meeples and higher buildings, that's what Rolling Heights is all about, that the Alderac Entertainment Group wants to crowdfund on Kickstarter from February 8th. You can make a note of it Campaign for the strategic board game already. AEG players know, among other things, from publications such as the English version of Point salad, Cat Lady or Santa Monica.

John D. Clair's extraordinary gameplay isn't Rolling Heights' only possible strength. Because Kwanchai Moriya is responsible for the illustrations, players can also expect a visual treat. Moriya has previously worked on board games such as Dinosaur Island and Dinosaur World, as well as the roll-and-write release, and his portfolio includes titles such as 2019's High Rise by Format Ferret Games, 2018's Cryptid by Osprey Games and XNUMX's Kabuto Sumo BoardGameTables from last year.

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