Private Division and Roll7 today announced that Rollerdrome will be available on Steam and PlayStation Plus for members of all tiers at an introductory price of €19,79.

The game presents the year 2030 from the retro-futuristic perspective of the 19,79s. The introductory price of 29,99 euros is a tribute to this legendary era. After this introductory price offer, Rollerdrome will be available for €XNUMX on Steam and PlayStation Store.

New Rollerdrome developer video online

A game trial for upcoming single-player third-person shooter Rollerdrome is available at launch for PlayStation Plus premium members. PlayStation Plus Premium members can experience the flow of Rollerdrome first-hand and jump into this dark-dystopian skater-shooter teeming with ideas via Game Trials on PlayStation 16 or PlayStation 5 starting August 4th.

Also released today is the new Rollerdrome developer video, which takes a look behind the scenes. In the video, Roll7, the masters of flow-based gaming, show the thrill of combining fluid movement with stylish trick mechanics in a unique retrofuturistic universe, while a new soundtrack by musician Electric Dragon pumps adrenaline through the game. In the video, players will learn how the team managed to balance the constant movement at the heart of the gameplay with the versatile level design of the hard-hitting game arenas.

Rollerdrome is being developed by Roll7, the multi-award-winning, BAFTA-winning London studio dedicated to pushing genre boundaries and pioneering games like OlliOlli, OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood, OlliOlli World, Laser League and NOT A HERO made a name.

Rollerdrome will be available as a digital download on August 16, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam. Rollerdrome has received an age rating of USK 16 from the USK.


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