Private Division and Roll16 today released two new developer videos for the highly anticipated unique single-player third-person shooter Rollerdrome, out August 7th.

Rollerdrome will be released in digital form on August 16, 2022 for 29,99 euros on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Steam. The game will then be available for two weeks at an introductory price of €19,79 on Steam and PlayStation for PS Plus members of all plans*. More

Comic-like design style and dystopian soundtrack at Rollerdrome

In the video "Characters & Comic Book Style of 2030" Rachel Cox (Character Artist) and Antoine Dekerle (Lead Artist) explain how they created the different characters and the world of Rollerdrome. Rachel Cox was responsible for all of the characters in the game, but especially for the look of the protagonist, Kara Hassan. Rachel explains the groundwork that went into creating this determined newcomer to her bloodthirsty sport.

Antoine Dekerle shows how he was inspired by comics when creating the dystopian game world. In the new video, players will learn how the corporate-controlled Bloodsport and characters were created digitally.

In The Sound of 2030, cult sound wizard Electric Dragon reveals the key inspirations that led him to the unmistakable seventies textures and sounds and cutting-edge pumping beats that meld together in Rollerdrome. To create the soundtrack, the electronica artist delved deep into the game world, set in 2030 but with a retro-futuristic XNUMXs vision.

“It was incredibly refreshing to step into the seventies. I would prefer not to come out at all!” admits the musician. Players will learn more about Electric Dragon's Rollerdrome music and the challenges he faced.

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