Starting October 4th, the Roller Champions community will be able to discover the theme of the new season, which is inspired by martial arts and ancient traditions from Asia.

The Way of the Dragon brings new thematic maps as well as technical improvements such as full cross-platform functionality and an improved schedule for modes and mini-games.

Roller Champions: Bangkok Arena

Players can hone their skills in the brand new Bangkok Arena, Zen Temple and Dragon Temple. In order for players to fully experience the new environments of The Way of the Dragon, only these three new arenas will be available for the first two weeks starting October 4th. After that, all arenas from the previous seasons will be available again.

In this new season, fans have the option to invite friends to a game using cross-play, regardless of the platform being used. The Way of the Dragon has also improved the game's matchmaking and stability to create a better and smoother experience than ever before.

To refresh players' routine, each week of The Dragon's Way will feature a different mode or skate park mini-game. These modes will continue to reward players with fans and contribute to the progression of the Roller Pass. The new season also features more themed characters called Superstars, who now come with their own customized backgrounds. In The Way of the Dragon, fans of the game are expecting more from these characters than ever before.


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