Pandasaurus Games, the publisher behind titles like Dinosaur Island and Godspeed, have announced a roll-and-write version of their 2017 board game Dinosaur Island on their Facebook account.

The full broadside dinosaurs, the US publisher Pandasaurus Games takes care of that and sets according to the announcements of the board games dinosaur world and Gods love dinosaurs information on a dinosaur-themed cube offshoot.

Roll-and-write with dinosaurs

Dinosaur Island is a worker placement game in which players manage a dinosaur park. The players have the opportunity to breed dinosaurs, build attractions and hire experts. The game was funded with over $ 2017 on Kickstarter in 500.000. In 2019, the expansion Totally Liquid and the two-person game Duelosaur Island were also successfully funded on Kickstarter.

"Draw the most exciting dinosaur theme park known to humankind," says the game in the announcement. It can therefore be assumed that the roll-and-write will be based on concepts such as "Welcome to". Players create their own Dino Park on paper based on the drawing options they have rolled. At the end it will be about having earned the most points. From the brief description, players must place dinosaurs, specialists, and buildings on their drawing board.

Also interesting: The Dinosaur Island roll-and-write is not the first offshoot of this topic. A game with the same theme as “Welcome to” was released in 2017 in the form of Dino World. There has also already been a “roar and write”, the “Animal Kingdoms Game” recently ran on Kickstarter. Pandasaurus Games has therefore changed the suffix to "rawr and write" to prevent misunderstandings.

The Dinosaur Island Rawr 'N Write and standalone expansion Dinosaur World Kickstarter campaign will begin on September 22nd. The Dinosaur Island Rawr 'n Write for two to four players is currently announced. Pandasaurus Games has not yet been able to confirm whether the Roll & Write, like the basic game, will be playable solo.

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