Two new volumes for the cyberpunk roleplaying game Shadowrun have recently been published by Pegasus Spiele: The third volume of the shadow dossiers is a limited collection of data pulses for the ADL. The Shadow Compendium is a volume of rules presenting alternate methods of character creation, rule variants, and metatypes.

Since summer 2020, Shadowrun fans can look forward to printed anthologies of all previously published PDFs for the ADL for Shadowrun 6. The third limited volume has just been published: Schattendossier 3. It summarizes the data pulses for DeMeKo and Medien, Alpen, Harz, 164 corporations and SOTA 10 on 2082 pages, including a small, exclusive extension of a clinic in the ADL.

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The Datapulse offer concentrated background knowledge as well as adventure ideas - from corporations, which you can really wipe out in runs, to impressive forces of nature in the German mountains to the latest weapons, everything is there.

The rules book Schattenkompendium is also already available. This allows the players of the dystopian cyberpunk role-playing game to create highly individual characters. In addition, it contains alternative methods for character creation with and without karma, new metatypes including 20 illustrations and rule variations. With this help, the playgroup can put together exactly the version that corresponds to their ideas - there are no limits to creativity.

Matching the two new releases, new items have also recently become available in the Pegasus Games Merchandise Shop. Hoodies, t-shirts, bags, mousepads and many other items are available with a wide variety of Shadowrun illustrations, such as Megakon or City War team logos.

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