Three new Cthulhu volumes have been published by Pegasus Games: Two new adventures and a new source and adventure volume of the Cthulhu role-playing game have recently been released with Introductory Horror, Alone Against the Frost and Berlin – Sin World Capital. These are aimed at all Cthulhu fans, as well as new gamemasters and solo players.

The adventure volume Cthulhu: Introductory Guides contains three short scenarios that are suitable for both experienced players and new investigators. The individual adventures can be played through within an hour or extended to longer adventures. The volume contains four pre-made investigators for each adventure, as well as a summary of the most important rules as well as tips for game management and suggestions for additional investigators.

In The Necropolis, players investigate what ancient horrors lurk in a recently discovered tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. In What's in the Basement, the task is to find out whether a respected lawyer really did murder his beloved wife in the basement of his family's summer cabin. And in The Dead Guest, the players try to find out what happened to their nice, quiet neighbor whom they haven't seen in days.


The solo adventure Cthulhu: Alone Against the Frost takes the player to the wilderness of Canada in the 1920s. as dr LC Nadelmann, Professor of Anthropology, one person embarks on a quest for exciting discoveries, accompanied by three of the brightest students and an experienced Aboriginal guide into the fabled valley of North Hanninah. From rapids to superstitions, such an expedition involves many dangers.

Not to mention wild animals! At the end of each section, the player(s) will be told which section to continue with. This largely depends on the choices the person makes throughout the game. Depending on this, the expedition will be a complete success - or end in disaster! Alone Against the Frost continues the series of solo adventures for the Cthulhu RPG.

In the hardcover source and adventure volume Cthulhu: Berlin – World Capital of Sin, which was already available as a special edition in 2020, the players visit Berlin between the world wars. In this crucible, the powers of the Cthulhu Mythos thrive while challenging the very nature of humanity. The volume lets the players live through three adventures with different threats.

In The Devil Eats Flies, they try to save an exiled Russian princess while the ghost of a maniac serial killer haunts the town. From botched spells to a depraved dancer to an obscure cult, the city itself teeters on the brink of madness in Dances of Vice, Horror and Ecstasy. The third adventure is also a tough one: In the horror film, the city's film industry blurs the line between reality and illusion.

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