Game developer Keen Games and publisher 505 Games are bringing new supplies for the popular video game Portal Knights. The rogue update has been released for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC and focuses on an improved gaming experience. New bosses demand their full commitment from brave heroes. Overall, the release of the new update is the biggest content expansion yet for gamers on the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

New threats to the kingdom of Elysia

A good role-playing game cannot do without a boss. Portal Knights introduces three nasty bosses with the new villain update: the Knight Hunter, the Slime Queen and All-Watcher.

After their demise, all three bosses reward brave players with lucrative loot items. Also included is a new location with quests, NPCs and merchants. The quality of life improvements include optimized chest management and unlimited water reserves in creative mode. With the rogue update, console players receive the most extensive expansion to date for Portal Knights and can also access the content of the Adventure and Creator's Updates.

Portal Knights villain update available now

This expands the playful possibilities enormously: both with regard to existing quests and in the context of the creative mode. 

Players who use Portal Knights on mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch will be able to enjoy the content enhancements on September 06th. The rogue update is now available for download for console and PC gamers.

Players can find more information about Portal Knights on the official Website to the game.


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