Rocksteady had surprisingly announced that they were currently working on a new video game based on the anti-hero team Suicide Squad. The title is to be officially unveiled at the “DC Fandome” in August. Rumors about the development of a new superhero game have been around for a long time.

Despite countless rumors, it was far from clear whether Rocksteady was actually working on a new superhero video game. All doubts have now been dispelled: The developers have officially confirmed that a title based on the Suicide Squad is in the making. However, it is not known exactly what it is about. A revelation as part of the DC Fandome could provide more clarity about the game.

Rocksteady: Long rest from the hype

Since 2016 it has been quiet about the British development studio behind the critically acclaimed Batman video games. Most recently, Batman: Arkham VR, a virtual reality offshoot of the bat game, was released for Playstation. After that, it became quiet about the studio, which is part of the media giant Warner.

According to rumors, development of the Suicide Squad game has been going on since late 2016 or early 2017. That emerges from a tweet from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, who is well connected in the industry. Despite the long development time for the unveiling as part of the DC Fandome, he doesn't expect much more than a short teaser. At the same time, this means that it is unlikely to be published anytime soon. It will take longer until the release of “Suicide Squad”. Even if it's a rumor, not a fact, Schreier is generally considered to be one of the more reliable sources.

Nearly nothing is known about "Suicide Squad". The actions around the antihero team provide a rough framework - that's about it so far. Not even an official title was mentioned. Most recently, publisher WB Games registered the domains “” and “”.

The DC Fandome takes place on August 22nd. By then there will be - at least some - new information about the video game based on the Suicide Squad.

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