Rocket Ranchers is a new family card game. Behind the game idea is David Bock, an author and illustrator who previously worked on board games such as Gloomhaven: The Lion's Paws or Skull King. 

In order to implement his new card game, David Bock founded his own publishing house: Binxadinx Games. Rocket Ranchers will now debut. A release is planned for 2023 – “later in the year”, as Bock reports. It is unclear when exactly the release should take place.

Rocket Ranchers: Card game for all ages

Bock had previously gained plenty of experience in the board game industry: "I worked on all kinds of games, on Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, Skull King, Knight Fall, Kinfire Chronicles and many others". "And after years of working as a photographer, graphic designer, and art director with other publishers to make their games look great, I decided it was time to make my own." Said and done.

Rocket Ranchers is what David Bock describes as "a family card game for all ages." The title should be particularly interesting for fans of the games Sushi Go or Lost Cities. In Rocket Ranchers, players are tasked as a rancher to rescue various creatures on a faraway planet after a bunch of space cats are accidentally awakened from hibernation. You use a rather unusual ship and a deck of Tractor Beam cards to retrieve the animals.

You have to be careful: If you catch a space cat beaming, you lose points if you collect too many balls of fur. In the coming weeks, David Bock wants to reveal more about the gameplay.

David Bock is active in two capacities for the card game: he is the author and graphic designer at the same time. However, he does not put his idea into practice all by himself. The illustrations are by Cam Kendell, who worked on Dungeons, Dice & Danger and 5-Minute Mystery, among others. Cathy Bock serves as editor and Mike Young is part of the team as a consultant.

Rocket Ranchers has a suggested retail price of $25. The card game is financed by crowdfunding upstream pre-campaign, which Binxadinx Games intends to use to capture interest. In this way, fans can activate stretch goals even before the start of crowdfunding. The publisher, on the other hand, wants to plan the campaign better.

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