Fans of the cooperative board game Robinson Crusoe – Adventures on the Cursed Island can look forward to new supplies: With the Treasure Chest, Pegasus Games recently published a collection of promotional materials for the expert game.

For almost a decade, Ignacy Trzewiczek's expert game Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island has allowed players to take on the role of castaways stranded on an uninhabited island.

Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest with Promo Collection

They cooperatively live through different scenarios, explore the island, build a shelter, go hunting and craft their own inventory in order to finally fulfill the objective of the respective scenario. In the meantime, the adventure game has developed into a real classic and two expansions are already available with The Journey of the Beagle and Mystery Tales.

Sometimes it can just be oddballs to inspire board gamers - especially if you as a publisher decide to publish material for a popular expert board game. The recently released Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest is therefore an extensive collection of numerous promo materials: In addition to optical upgrades such as the detailed wooden resources, new discovery tiles, event, secret and animal cards as well as new action options, card types and scenarios offer additional variation. The players also have the choice between different expansion modules, which can be combined or added individually to the game and which make the scenarios easier, more difficult or even livelier.

In addition to the new characters gambler and sailor, players can now also be supported by different crew members such as the artist or the tracker. The included cards bring more variety to the scenarios and add new aspects to the game such as character traits, flotsam or upgrades for the shelter.

In addition, fans of the adventure game can look forward to a total of six scenarios that present them with completely new challenges: they hunt down cruel poachers, follow in the footsteps of Doctor Livingstone, travel back in time in a time machine, experience an adventure in Neverland, and get active as pioneers in the exploration of nature or raise the riches on the legendary Treasure Island.


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