With the third chapter of the board game saga "The Legends of Andor", which is popular with gamers, things went quiet about the game designer and illustrator Michael Menzel. Now he is returning to his roots, with "The Adventures of Robin Hood" in his luggage, a family game that promises its players an innovative game mechanism with an open world and is scheduled to be released by Kosmos Verlag in the first quarter of 2021.

Michael Menzel is popular with gamers as a writer for both analogue and digital titles. His best-known works include the video game adaptation "The Starfarers of Catan" and the board game saga "The Legends of Andor", which was awarded "Kennerspiel des Jahres" in 2013. Menzel has also made a name for himself as an illustrator and illustrated many board and card games as well as the novel "The Legends of Andor - The King's Song".

Menzel's family game comes with Robin Hood

He planned to quit his job as a game designer after the third chapter of the Legends of Andor board game series. But to the delight of the community, Michael Menzel is now returning and will be releasing his new work in spring 2021 with the game "The Adventures of Robin Hood", which could particularly appeal to families.

The family game about Sir Robin von Locksley, the lawyer for the poor and downtrodden, should offer its players a whole new experience. In this way, the entire game plan of the board game will be playable and there is no need for predetermined walking routes. Video game lovers already know the mechanism of an open world from a few titles, but this is still rare with board games. In addition, in the game about Robin Hood, the game board changes over the course of the game, depending on the decision made by the players - a legacy trick is welcome.

The story of Robin Hood is to be told from a high-quality hardcover book. The story takes place in England, in 1193, in the county of Nottingham. Its inhabitants suffer from the evil Prince John and his associates. The players take on the roles of Robin Hood and his loyal companions. Together they face injustice and its perpetrators.

After the third part of the Andor saga it should be over for Michael Menzel, now the game author is back! Image: Marie Volkmann

After the third part of the Andor saga should be over for Michael Menzel, now the game author is back. Image: Marie Volkmann

A new game mechanism is supposed to determine the movement of the game pieces. According to Kosmos, this is based on the use of various wooden pieces. The game also contains surprises that remained secret at the beginning of the game and are only revealed during interactions. This includes hidden actions and secrets that are integrated into the game board. The announcement that the game board will have a kind of memory that can remember which parts of the playing field have already been explored and uncovered by the players appears to be new. That sounds like a modern mix of classic and innovative board game mechanisms and arouses curiosity. In addition, the game should be set up and dismantled quickly thanks to its special material.

More information about the new title from game author Michael Menzel has not yet been revealed.

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