If board games make it onto the console as a digital version, they are usually absolute classics. This is also the case with the recently published risk for the next-gen consoles Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. The popular game concept in a modern guise is aimed at up to 4 hobby strategists who not only want to see the world conquest, but also hear it: this is made possible by the war commentator Iris.

Like on the board, only nicer

There was hardly anything to be shaken about the idea of ​​the classic risk board game. The gameplay works as flawlessly as it did in the years of analog gaming. At its core, the digital version relies on a modern presentation and low entry barriers, which also introduce newcomers to the strategic board game warfare. Clear tutorials explain the basics of the game and prepare well for a game against human opponents. Artificial intelligence cannot replace a living room four-star general, so a round of digital risk against other players is the most fun. Risk on the consoles really feels like computer-aided warfare: The clear world map of the control center shows at first glance where there is a need for action and where the relocation of troops could make sense. On the PS $ as well as the Xbox One, this spectacle seems almost frighteningly real. This is exactly how I imagine modern war planning: Far from what actually happens in the fighting, overpaid military personnel, with brightly decorated chests reminiscent of a Christmas tree, sit in front of computer screens and give orders that make the difference between life and death. Where the fully automatic coffee machine hums from full pipes in the command center, only the plant engines hum in the war zone.

War commentator Iris, on the other hand, could compete with many a football commentator. With charm and a pleasant voice, she comments on what is happening on the tactical 3D battlefields and thus becomes the actual main character of the game. When the female computer voice whispers the phrase “Welcome to the war room” into the microphone, things really get going: Risk for Playstation 4 and Xbox One available now via the Hasbro Game Channel and via the Xbox Live and PSN console networks. The price of 14.99 euros is reasonable for this modern classic.

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