Ring of Elysium is a free-to-play "Battle-Royal" game that differs from other games of its kind. Be it the game mechanics, the various means of transport and the design "Ring of Elysium" is different and that's a good thing! Orders and the like can be bought in the store for real money. However, this has no influence on the game.

The well-known game principle

“Ring of Elysium” is a battle-royal shooter that has only one goal and that is survival. 100 people can freely choose their starting point in order to then search for equipment and opposing players. You can play alone, in pairs or in groups of four.

Blue area of ​​the so-called “Ymir”

The map becomes smaller and smaller due to the so-called "Ymir" (that is the area outside the safe zone) and forces the players to keep moving. The winner or the winning team is who is left last and who makes it into the helicopter, which then brings the virtual alter ego out of the danger zone.

If you want to play “solo” for the first time, you have to play a round against bots and survive. This should bring the players closer to the basic mechanics and controls. This training is finished relatively quickly and is aimed at beginners and newcomers to this game.

Get prepared: start preparations

The training is over and now the first real game begins. At the beginning you can set your starting point and choose your equipment. You can choose between a “Gliding Pack”, a “Skiing Pack” and the “Climbing Pack”. Each of these equipment packages has its own starting weapon and of course its own piece of equipment.

“Skiing Pack” quickly from A to B with the board

The “Gliding Pack” includes a kite that enables you to glide down into the valley from higher places. The “Skiing Pack” contains a snowboard with which you can quickly get from A to B on the ground. In the "Climbing Pack" there are climbing hooks and a rope slide that allow you to quickly "slide" along fixed ropes.

If you have everything ready for the start, you can start. At the beginning of the round it is important to look for prey as quickly as possible, because nobody wants to face an opponent with a pistol if he has already found an assault rifle or something similar. Once you have the most important things together (first aid, weapons and protective equipment), the hunt can begin. Most weapons can be equipped with 2 telescopic sights, which can be changed with the "V" key. The fire mode can be changed between single and autoshot with the "B" button, which is particularly recommended when shooting from a longer distance. You should always keep an eye on the environment and pay attention to noises. If you have fought your way to the end of the zone, the rescue comes in the form of a helicopter.


Number of players: 1 player (online)
Age: from approx. 16 years
Playing time: 20+ hours
Difficulty: medium
Long-term motivation: medium

Publisher: Tencent Games
Developer: Tencent Games
Release year: 2019 (Early Access 2018)
Platforms: PC
Language: multilingual
Costs: Free-to-Play up to EUR 2,39 (Founder's Pack)

Ring of Elysium media



"Ring of Elysium" is a good change from the conventional games with the popular battle royale mode such as "PUBG" or "Fortnite". The free-to-play shooter runs smoothly: the game mechanics work, there is potential for a lot of fun. Now it depends on whether Tencent Games can maintain the level in the long term and of course on whether the Chinese shooter is even able to assert itself on the western markets - the competition is known to never sleep.

After all, the signs point to success, because the basic structure of the game is convincing. Incidentally, many other players who tried “Ring of Elysium” at this early stage agree. The Steam reviews are largely positive: this isn't a guarantee of good quality, but a strong indicator of a video game's inherent potential.

However, players shouldn't expect any major innovations. “Ring of Elysium” works largely like the prototype of a battle royale game: landing, looking for equipment, looking for opponents, killing opponents. How exciting the individual games are in such multiplayer games, of course, also determine the players. What is exciting, however, is that there are third- and first-person servers to choose from. So shortly after the release of the early access variant, Tencent Games clocks the patches in close succession. In any case, Tencent remains loyal to the topic of battle royale - after all, the publisher is also a shareholder in Epic Games and they are known to be responsible for the enormously successful Fortnite.

All in all a good, but not an outstanding, representative of what is currently perhaps the most popular genre.