At the SPIEL in Essen, Deep Blue from Days of Wonder was presented for the first time in October last year - and impressed with the creative story and the great equipment. We have all information about the game at a glance.

Put together an experienced crew and dive for treasure

The two authors Daniel Skjold Pedersen and Asger Harding Granerud went to great lengths with Deep Blue and created a colorful underwater adventure. It can be played by 2 to 5 players. With a playing time of 45 minutes, it is a pleasant length. According to the manufacturer, you look for treasures in the depths at Deep Blue and can benefit from the dives of your fellow players.

In order to find the best and greatest treasures in the ocean, you have to assemble an experienced team of divers, archaeologists and sailors. The crew members are bought by hand cards, which stand out especially for their lively illustrations. A lot of attention was paid to the details of the rest of the game as well. The small game pieces in the form of colorful shuttles fit perfectly on the ingenious game board, which resembles a treasure map. Miniature treasure chests complete the well-designed play equipment.

But back to the course of the game: As with many board games, a mixture of tactics and luck leads to success. The nice thing about Deep Blue is that you can pursue different strategies that can be promising. If you have the right cards in hand, it is possible to take part in other dives of the other players. If you try such a maneuver, it can happen in the further course of the game that you don't have any maps for your own diving maneuvers.

So here the player has to decide for himself whether he wants to take the risk. It is always exciting to cheer for the other players and their expeditions. But if you don't have a suitable card to play, it can get lengthy in places. Although Deep Blue can already be played with two people, it is obviously more fun to play with four or five. Divers get in each other's way even more and can block certain strategies from other players. So Deep Blue scores not only with beautiful graphics, but also with the countless strategic possibilities that are available to the player.

Aquatica and Subnautica: Trending diving games

Underwater adventures like Deep Blue are getting all the hype right now. Also with the board game Aquatica from the publisher Cosmodrome Games everything revolves around the wide world of the ocean. As a player you transform yourself into one of the eight kings of the sea, look for resources and get to know strange creatures. Unknown marine creatures can also be found in the online slot Creature from the Black Lagoon, which you can find in the ComeOn Casino can play. With suitable symbols such as oxygen bottles and underwater cameras, you can jump straight into the adventure. In the survival game Subnautica, on the other hand, you end up as an astronaut on a strange planet and have to explore its underwater world - and survive. The game can be loud 4players now also play on Xbox One and PS4.  

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Deep Blue is an entertaining and detailed board game that is impressive. Through various strategies and diving maneuvers, there are different ways that lead to victory.