Revell has new building materials: with the Revell puzzles and cardboard model kits in 3D, film and series fans can take their favorites from the screen into the third dimension and onto the living room table at home - various new puzzle sets use well-known franchises from the film - and comic world.

From iconic spaceships to breathtaking castles, binge watchers and moviegoers in particular, as well as fans of well-known movie franchises, will get their money's worth. The punched foam parts from Revell 3D Puzzle and the cardboard model kits can be put together without tools or glue and are also suitable for young hobbyists from the age of eight.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon as a 3D plug-in set

Four new 3D cardboard model kits await fans of the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series. Along with The Child, the eponymous Mandalorian travels from world to world in The Mandalorian: Razor Crest. Formerly a military ship, it was used for patrols in the pre-Imperial era. The tracked vehicle The Mandalorian: Sandcrawler serves as a residence for the Jawas and is used to transport droids. The Mandalorian: Imperial Light Cruiser serves many purposes: it is used by the Imperial Navy as a communications ship, but also serves to support capital ships. The legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett is on his way across the galaxy in The Mandalorian: Boba Fett's Gunship. The battleship is of the same ship class as the Jester's Legacy, Boba's father Jango Fett's ship.

Fans of the Star Wars film series can look forward to numerous new models in 3D, most notably the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, which despite its modest appearance is one of the fastest and best equipped ships in the galaxy and thus played a role in many victories of the Rebel Alliance.

Also included is the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, the wedge-shaped starship equipped with turbolasers and tractor beam projectors used by the Empire in battles. Legendary starfighters such as the Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter, the Star Wars Imperial TIE Advanced X1, the Star Wars Imperial TIE Interceptor, the Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter or the four-legged transport and combat vehicle Star Wars Imperial should also not be missing AT-AT used by the Imperial Ground Forces.

3D puzzles for wizards, princesses and heroes

Marvel series features the iconic Marvel Stark Tower, the 93-story building in New York that is home to Stark Industries headed by Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Harry Potter lovers bring legendary locations from the book and film series to life in 3D puzzles. Gamekeeper Rebeus Hagrid used Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut not only as a place to live, but also as a classroom during his time as a teacher at Hogwarts Castle. Harry, Hermione and Ron often visit Hagrid at his cabin on the edge of the forbidden forest. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Burrow is home to the Weasley family. The family home in Devon soon becomes a second home for Harry too. The three-story purple Harry Potter Knight Bus helps out stranded members of the wizarding community, and is also often a useful form of transportation for the young witches and wizards in the franchise. The Durmstrang Institute team travels to the Triwizard Tournament in the magical Harry Potter The Durmstrang Ship.

Disney fans can easily build the Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle themselves. The home of Elsa and Anna from the Disney Frozen films is inhabited by servants such as Kai and Gerda and guarded by the Arendelle Castle Guard.

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