Joy on the high seas and uncharted waters! After months - maybe even years - of anticipation, Return to Monkey Island has finally dropped anchor and paddled ashore. Return to Monkey Island is out today on PC and Nintendo Switch

Aspiring pirates can now head to Steam and the Nintendo eShop to get their pirate handles on the finest loot this side of Dinky Island.

Guybrush Threepwood is back

Privateers arriving fresh in the Caribbean today can look forward to secrets, intrigues and numerous information brochures. The tangled tale of Monkey Island's most famous mystery began over 30 years ago in the minds of creators Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman - who have boarded (yup, another nautical pun) together.
Return to Monkey Island elegantly follows up on the tale of pirate wannabe Guybrush Threepwood at the end of 2's Monkey Island 1991: LeChuck's Revenge, bringing us full circle - we can now all venture into even crazier waters with the creators of the popular game series break open


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