SNK has released Mega Man Battle & Fighters for Nintendo Switch. Mega Man Battle & Fighters includes two games originally released for Neogeo Pocket Color: Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.

The game contains only the Japanese version and trading functions have been disabled. The instructions included in the game are from the Neogeo Pocket Color. Therefore, some functions may differ when controlling the Nintendo Switch.

Play part of the Neogeo Pocket Color Selection

The game is now available as part of the Neogeo Pocket Color Selection. Fans could control different characters like Proto Man, Bass, and Duo, each with their own unique play style. They can ready their buster, immerse themselves in the world of Mega Man and take on boss characters from Mega Man 1 through 7. There are a total of 40 bosses to defeat as players defeat Dr. Thwart Wily's plan for world domination. The game includes 36 collectible characters that are randomly obtained by defeating enemies. 

Mega Man Battle & Fighters is available to download on Nintendo Switch for $7,99.


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