Publisher The Arcade Crew (Infernax, Young Souls, Blazing Chrome) and development studio JoyMasher (Blazing Chrome) today release Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider - a retro action platformer about the fast-paced battle of a cyborg ninja against a ruthless totalitarian system .

Fast ninjas who snag it before January 25th can claim a launch discount on the PC, Switch or PlayStation versions of the game. Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider will also be available for Amazon Luna in select territories.

Ninja action in 16 bit

The launch trailer released today is a condensed version of the classic video game era that brings Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider back to life. In the video, the eponymous cyborg “Moonrider” decides to turn his back on the oppressive forces that built him and devote himself to protecting humanity and taking revenge against the regime. Alone, the hero faces his former allies super soldiers.

Vengeful Guardian features a precise combat system - classic platforming action at its finest with challenging combat and satisfying, responsive movement.
Players will discover hidden mod chips that unlock deadly new abilities that allow you to customize Moonrider to your own playstyle.

Detailed sprites and backgrounds bring the beautifully desolate world to life, creating a visual experience that would feel right at home on a good old CRT screen. The fast-paced soundtrack keeps the excitement going and completes the retro experience perfectly together with the game's SFX.

The campaign is quite crisp: Running the gauntlet through eight deadly levels filled with exciting combat - Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is "all killer, no filler".

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Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) White Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) White * Currently no reviews 336,00 EUR

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