Due to the large-scale leak at Capcom, it has now become known that the upcoming survival horror game Resident Evil Village (PS5, Xbox Series) will apparently contain an online component.

The Leak goes back to the extortionate ransomware attack through which numerous details about upcoming publications by the traditional Japanese publisher were made public. Since some of them have already come true, for example those about the new Ghosts'n Goblins part, one can assume that the authenticity of the information is given.

Resident Evil goes free-to-play?

The online mode is said to be nicknamed "Village Online" and is expected to contain microtransactions and a battle pass. Specifically, it seems to be about additional characters, boosters, outfits, weapon skins and additional missions, which are then available online as DLCs.

On the other hand, new maps and fresh game modes are listed as free content, the staggered releases of which are scheduled for March 2022. The documents also state that they studied the free-to-play titles Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone for the development of Village Online. One could therefore surmise that Village Online could go in a similar direction.

In addition, there should be connections to the currently unannounced but leaked Resident Evil Revelations 3, which has the working title Outrage. Naturally, the information should be treated with caution. Capcom has not officially announced “Village Online”, nor has it commented on the announcement in any way.