Steamforged Games is rolling up the field from behind: After board games for Resident Evil 2 and 3, the publisher also wants to implement the first part of the video game series as a board game. As with its predecessors, the corresponding financing campaign for Resident Evil is to run as crowdfunding via Kickstarter. The project is scheduled to start there in autumn. 

Some players will groan, others will be happy: The first part of the Resident Evil series will also appear as a board game. At least that's the Steamforged Games plan. Only the fans themselves could bring the project to coincidence: they have to support the campaign on Kickstarter so that the board game can actually be implemented.

Resident Evil: Co-op survival in the haunted mansion

In view of the successful first campaigns, it shouldn't be a problem for Steamforged Games to get the first offshoot of the Resident Evil series implemented as a board game. With Resident Evil 2 - The Board Game, SFG collected just over 900.000 euros through crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with Resident Evil 3 they even broke the one million euro mark.

Now the cooperative horror survival board game for one to four players should go into the next round. The order of publication alone is astonishing. Sure, Resident Evil 2 and 3 have their fans - but the first part of the series is also the top title. The original offered claustrophobic horror in a creepy mansion, tension from constant scarcity of resources and loads of memorable moments. At the same time, looking back, neither gameplay nor story can keep up with the successors.

And yet the sudden idea of ​​Steamforged Games is not completely surprising, after all, the game is to be launched based on the 25th anniversary of the original title. Reason enough to at least take a look at the Kickstarter campaign. It doesn't have an exact start date yet, but according to the publisher it should go live in autumn 2021. Steamforged Games is heating up the mood: “This Kickstarter will be different from all the ones you've experienced before”. You can make a note of the crowdfunding for Resident Evil on Kickstarter:

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